Face Slapping Is New Beauty Treatment For Youthful And Radiant Skin !

Face Slapping

Face Slapping beauty treatment – Would you shell $ 350 to be slapped? Bizzare!

Youthful and radiant look is dream of money. Many people do spend millions on treatments and other cosmetic products. In recent times, Thai treatment is new in. Face slapping is considered to be a traditional technique and many are implementing it to save the cost of Botox yet get an effective results, some of the advantages are as follows:-

Face Slapping

Blasts wrinkles : –

Although the face slapping treatment is suggested by age old grannies but the practices are yet followed.  It may sound like a dream, but it’s true that smack on face can be great aid to blast wrinkles.  It resembles dreadful to you but this method is only done by the thorough professionals.

Makes face appear slimmer: –

Although this massage technique may sound little weird but unknown fact is that the pain is just like an ant bite and not itchy one. The method could even cut down costs of plastic surgery.

Increases blood flow:

Slapping the face right could aid a lot in removing toxins and giving solutions of free radicals.

Promoting healthy look of skin: –

The best part of this Thai technique is without any kind of expensive lift ups and even helps in micro circulation.

Fast results without any use of chemicals:

Compared to all other treatments, Face Slapping is chemical free and good thing is you get an assurance of instant results.

Keeps check bones more pronounced: –

This Thai technique is little old but could be implemented by all adults of different age group and comes with goodness of without any discomfort.

Unblocks Energy:-

This therapy may sound like a little torture or any kind of punishment but core fact is that helps in  relaxing muscles thus opening up energy lines.

Optimum results: –

Though this treatment could b little expensive but you get complete assurance of getting optimum results.  It could even work wonders as an anti-ageing treatment. Process also stimulates nerves system and gives you an healthy glow.

Popularity has been increased of face slapping. At present this treatment is done in San Francisco and many people are going gaga over it.  We all know the goodness of Thai massages but now Face slapping from same origin could create an boon.

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