Things You Should Never Do After A Breakup!

After A Breakup

After a breakup – Breakups can be heartbreaking, and to be honest sometimes they suck too, but always remember in your temporary pain don’t ever do things that you would regret later.

Sometimes when we are upset, we do take decisions that are stupid, but later we think about them andĀ laugh at our self, been there done that šŸ˜‰

So today lets look at some of the things that are big NO-NO’s after a breakup…

Do not beg him/her to get back

This one is a big NO-NO if you are going through a breakup. Do not lower your self esteem by begging him/her to return. If they really wanted to stay, they would come back anyway, but never beg for a reconciliation ever because if they rejected you again, you will only feel hurt and humiliated and would regret doing that. You might cry now, but later you would realize what on earth were you thinking back then. So now you know what not do when dealing with a heartbreak.

DO NOT BECOME DEVDAS! and I meant it Don’t…

Hold back, this was just a breakup and not the end of your life. Don’t think getting drunk and always being a cry baby will solve anything for you. You also know once you are drunk, you would keep on calling and texting him/her but trust me next morning you would regret doing that. Refrain from any such stupid activity after you are drunk.

Don’t become a stalker!

So you keep checking his/her Facebook profile, and keep sulking over what his/her status means. Stop over analyzing things or try to read between the lines. Checking their Facebook or social media page won’t help you, rather it will make you even more upset if they shared any picture of hanging out and enjoying their life. So delete or even block them but don’t ever stalk them, NEVER EVER!

Rush into another relationship just to pretend you are ok!

When you are emotionally down, anyone who gives you a shoulder to cry on becomes your best buddy, and suddenly you see a potential partner in them, but hey STOP! You are only lying to yourself, and probably just to fill the emptiness in your life, you might say yes to them, but later you would realize how stupid you were to rush into things, and honestly you are not only cheating yourself, but also your partner. So take your time and don’t rush into another relationship.

Don’t try to be friends with them!

If you think your ex can be your friend, you probably got that wrong. Now if someone couldn’t even understand the love you once shared with them, how would they commit to your friendship? So do not think of being friends with your ex, may beĀ sometimeĀ laterĀ you can thinkĀ about itĀ but honestly not now. Think this way round, you are still friends with them and you still have hopes you might be together someday, but suddenly you see them with a new partner, how would you feel? Can you imagine yourself in that situation? You would hurt yourself even more if you do this.

Do not colour your hair or try to get a tattoo!

We do take impulsive decisions when we go through a breakup, and this one is specially for girls, if you think your looks were a reason you broke up and changing your looks and making them jealous might get them back, you are wrong to think that way. So don’t think to change the way you look just because of a guy or girl who ditched you.

Do NOT think about hurting yourself

Sometime when you are dealing with emotional heartbreaks, you tend to take stupid steps like hurting yourself, trust me you would be a fool if you ever tried to do that. If you think by slitting your wrist, your love would come back to you, you are again fooling yourself. This will make you look like a psycho and they might be afraid of you and more than that you will hurt your family and loved ones even more. So do not think of doing this stupidity ever.

Do notĀ isolate yourself

I know you are upset, you don’t like going out or meeting your friends, but you have to be clear being alone won’t solve your problem Spend time with your family and friends, use your energy for constructive things. Go out, have fun, live your life because as they truly say Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara! It’s ok you can cry, but don’t be lost and depressed, time heals everything, and I mean it EVERYTHING!

I am sure you pretty well know what not to do, still we tend to do things we know aren’t right for us. But sometimes we need to understand what is right and what is wrong for us.

Live, breathe and enjoy every moment irrespective of anything, believe me right now you might be feeling like it’s the end of the world for you, but sometime later you would think and feel ‘What on earth was I thinking at that time?’

You may cry if you want to, cry your heart out, and then just let it go…

Sometimes we have to go through a breakup to understand TRUE LOVE! And never ever give up on love just because it didn’t turn out the way you wanted it.

Choose to be happy, and let your ex be your past and not let him/her spoil your present or future.

Good luck!

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