4 Effective Ways To Deal With Bosses Who Possess Unrealistic Expectations

How to deal with a boss with unrealistic expectations – We suggest a few things you could try out when you need to convince your boss about your performance that did not match his/her unrealistic confidence in you.

When in the job industry, there’s hardly any profile which does not demand more than you think you’re capable of. Hence, trying to impress your boss comes naturally.

You work hard, your managers, co-workers, subordinates notice, and you expect to take another step on your career leader.


That is how all your hard work disappears into mid air, when your boss tells you that what you’ve done is not even comparable to what he/she expects of you.

It could be a delicate situation when your performance does not meet your boss’ expectation.

However, a number of times it has been observed that the boss has called off projects or fired people when they don’t match up to his/her expectations.

We suggest a few things you could try out when you need to convince your boss about your performance that did not match his/her unrealistic confidence in you.

Why unrealistic

The first thing you should do, is to ponder upon as to why does the task sound unrealistic to you? Managers generally tend to push you beyond your comfort zone to help you develop new skills and work more effectively. If going beyond your comfort zone is the thing troubling you, may be you should start reconsidering your job profile. However, if it is something you are not okay with or involves something you are not okay with, you need to give it your best shot.

Discuss with co-workers and superiors

If your work involves something that you alone can do, your co-workers or other superiors with a better experience could always help you out on the same. After all they have seen more and dealt with situations like these more than you have. It quite possible that if you’re feeling frustrated with your boss’ expectation, they would be too. However, not always do you need to show that you’re frustrated with his/her expectations. Considering the type of competition people face in corporates, it’s suggested that you keep a low profile on the frustration thingy.

Listen and measure

While your boss talks about the outcome he/she expects from you, on a certain project listen carefully and list down the points you think is exaggerated. Talk about it with your colleagues, and measure the success rate appropriately, considering how many tasks in the category have you successfully completed. Counter his/her expectations with your record and present your point humbly. No boss likes being talked to loudly.

 Mutual priorities

Offer a reality check on how is the new project going to affect you and the team. Set a mutual priorities list and reach an agreement before you quit and find yourself in a mess of unreasonable tasks. On the contrary if you’re calm and committed to deliver the best results in your respect, your work will be appreciated.

Your record of failure and success of projects or regulations that had been implemented earlier should be good enough a means to convey your boss, about the probablities. However, if your boss is still keen on something which you don’t think is appropriate, then my friend, you may want to talk to your colleagues or other superiors to prove and convey your point.

From an employee point of view, the boss is never what he/she expects. And from the boss’ perspective an employee quite often than never, tries to deliver his/her best. However, there’s always a thin line of difference between your capability and the boss’ expectations.

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