I Have Accused My Boyfriend of These 7 Things! Have You?


You cannot be a girl in a relationship and not have boyfriend problems!

There is something with this present day boyfriend lot that you just cannot correct! They are incorrigible, simply!

And the big trouble with most of them is that they never cease being “boys”.

As men refuse to grow up and we girls have to live with them, these boyfriend problems are inevitable. And hence the accusing the boyfriends goes on!

I have a neat list of 7 top most accusations that my boyfriend takes from me every other day: 

1.  He is not serious about me:

Every time I have this groupie get-together, or a friends movie night out, I see him blatantly flirting with my girlfriends! What the heck? If at all he is serious about me, he wouldn’t hit on my friends, that too so idiotically in front of me?? Am I not sufficient for him?

2.  He Avoids Real Issues:

He doesn’t really want to think too much about his or my personal lives. He will do all the brain work for other things, other stupid things like, who is going to win the next football season and stuff like that, but, real life??? WHOA, what is that??

3.  He Is Utterly Irresponsible:

He has just never taken any real responsibility. It’s me who is responsible, even about the things that matter to him. He will always forget my mum’s birthday and even mine. And guess what, the worst, he turned at my boss’s farewell party in his torn jeans, just because he forgot to get his trousers washed!! Like what?

4.  He Spends Too Much Time With His Friends:

No matter, I am sitting alone waiting for his phone call, or just wanting to talk to him over a pressing issue in the family, he is always busy with his friends, either over a jamming session, or a drinks night! I have given up all my friends for him, but he never understands any damn thing! It’s always about his freedom! As if my freedom doesn’t mean anything.

5.  He Doesn’t Want To Get Married:

He has this huge commitment phobia and I guess it is the most common relationship problem with all of us, right? Some men are boys even when they are 40; and he is just one of them. Don’t know when will he understand!

6.  He Has No Emotions:

Absolutely not! I have never seen him getting upset when something goes wrong with me! The other day my pup’s foot got stuck in a hole and I was crying like hell. He didn’t even blink his eye! He never does that! Even if it was me whose foot got stuck or broken! He is so insensitive and so emotionless!

7.  He doesn’t like to buy me presents:

Yeah right! I have seen my girl clan’s closets full of presents from their boyfriends, but mine? He just wouldn’t spend a penny to buy me a nice branded bag! He has all the money for his DVDs and stupid car stuff. But for me, never!!

So girls, these are mine! I always accuse my boyfriend of these, on his face! Do you share any of these boyfriend problems with me?

Do you accuse yours, of any other?

Do share below!

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