5 Bollywood Song Lyrics We Always Have Heard Wrong

Misheard Bollywood Songs
Misheard Bollywood Songs – We muse upon how life would be if we hadn’t any Bollywood to inundate us with surprises.
A Bollywood movie’s success borders on its songs always and a good song remains with us for long.
And here Bollywood is, presenting such masterpieces in quick succession each one immeasurably greater than the previous.
Songs that have unassailable beauty to settle and unsettle the mind. By and large, there have been songs whose lyrics have been widely misunderstood, or so to say, misheard.
There were quirky numbers to the soulful ones mishearing whose lyrics have created a different impression on us altogether.
Hereunder referred are such 5 Misheard Bollywood Songs :
1 – Oonchi hai building:
This is a recently released peppy number from Judwaa2 whose ‘swagger wale raja’ is mostly misheard as ‘saagar wale raja’. You hear the song and you are like, who is Sagar in the first place?
2 – Banno tera swagger:
Blame it on the word. The song Banno from Tanu Weds Manu returns whose ‘Banno tera swagger Lage sexy’ was heard as ‘Banno tera cycle/sweater’.
3 – Dil Ibadat:
Now this soulful song from the movie Tum Mile too is majorly misheard. The line ‘zindagi ki Shaq se lu kuch Haseeb pal main chun’ which we always heard ‘zindagi ki shark se lu’. Guess the sharks won’t be too happy about it.
4 – Dhan the nan:
A line from the peppy number dhan the nan in the film Kaminey, ‘aja aja Dil nichode’ is misheard as ‘aja aja Dilli chhode’. Thank God we escaped a mass exodus from Delhi!
5 – Banjar hai:
The song belongs to film Sathiya whose one line ‘ hum dhoondne Firdous chale’ was misheard as ‘fir dhoondhne fir dost chale’.
These are some Misheard Bollywood Songs of bollywood – Well, there are is a fun in mishearing so Bollywood bring it on!

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