10 Romantic Texts That Lovers Need To Send To Their Partners At Least Once!

romantic texts

Romance, is so blissful.

It is one of the most serene experiences of life which makes one come alive.

When two people are romancing each other, they ought to express the romantic feelings too! And texts are a great way to do the same if you are away from your partner. Without being intrusive you can express some of your most passionate desires and sentiments that you have towards the love of your life. Plus, a text is a precise emotion and gives you time to compose exactly what you want to say without being at loss of words.

Here are 10 romantic texts that all the lovers need to send to their partners at least once! Try them out and see your lover come running to you and melt in your arms!

Text 1 (From A Boyfriend to A Girlfriend) –

“You are the most beautiful and amazing person I have ever met and nobody will ever be better than you. Your smile is the greatest thing God made. He made you and said “I created happiness”. I believe nobody will ever be as wonderful a person as you are.”

Text 2 (From A Girlfriend to A Boyfriend) –

“You are being in my head 24×7. Don’t do that! I will end up kidnapping you and keeping you with me for eternity. Tell me you want it too?”

Text 3 (From Either Side) –

“I would write you an essay on how much I love you, but there just isn’t enough ink in this world that could write the love I have for you.”

Text 4 (From A Boyfriend to A Girlfriend) –

“Please let you be my everything. Be the morning that starts my each day, be the evening that make me alive, be the night that is meant for love. Let me take care of you, watch over you while you sleep. Let me make you a happy woman for life. Let me be a happy man for life. Let me live a life that I want with you.”

Text 5 (From A Girlfriend to A Boyfriend) –

“I love you. And it’s not because you make me happy, not because you make me feel special, nor because you’re the sweetest person ever…. But because I just love you. And I don’t need any reason for that.”

Text 6 (From A Boyfriend to A Girlfriend) –

“Holding you is the place where I find peace. Loving you right here is the place where I belong.”

Text 7 (From Either Side) –

“Last night I was looking at the stars and matched each star with a reason why I love you. It was going great until I ran out of stars.”

Text 8 (From Either Side) –

“I’ll put a tear in the ocean and when you find it, I’ll leave you!”

Text 9 (From A Boyfriend to A Girlfriend)

“Every time I see you, my heart stops; and every time I kiss you, I come back to life.”

And if by any chance, you are the one in one sided love, this text may turn it into a two sided one…

Text 10 (From A One Sided Lover) –

“People say one-sided love never works, and they are wrong. It is not, because you get the happiness of loving someone and making them the beat of your life without asking for anything; but by the time they realize it, you must be gone and leave them in your own dreams to shine forever!”

Try them out today and see the magic!

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