Yummy Parle G cake #Eid Mubarak

The humble biscuit and its scrumptious chocolaty avatar…


While many of our friends will be celebrating Eid with platefuls of delectable food, the rest of us only need a reason to treat ourselves and sync with the festive fervour. And not without desserts. Today, I thought of sharing a humble recipe from my childhood that was scrumptious nonetheless – a yummy cake made of Parle G biscuits.

The first rendition of the cake was made a long time ago when I was not more than 10 years. We live in our own bubble and fantasy world as kids. If I tell you the occasion why I, along with my brother and two other friends had to make the cake, you would probably laugh your guts out at us. We used to stay on the top floor of our building, over which was the chhat, which was more like an extended version of our home. Every year, around this time, we would celebrate our dear chhat’s birthday and it wasn’t a lesser occasion for us to not try our hands into making something. Since then, the recipe has evolved, with many additions, and what I am sharing with you today is a much tastier version of it.

There was a reason why we chose Parle G over other biscuits and still haven’t replaced it with costlier options. It is simply the best. I genuinely feel it offers oodles of goodness for hardly any price. Grind 150g Parle G biscuits and ¾ cup sugar into a fine powder. Chop a few nuts like almonds and walnuts finely and add to the powdered biscuits and sugar. Further add one tablespoon of cocoa powder and one sachet of Eno salt to it. Slowly pour one and a half cup of milk over it and whisk the batter to ensure no lumps are left.

Grease a microwave cake tin with butter and dust with plain flour. Transfer the batter on it and let it settle evenly in the tin. Cook on 200 degree Celsius for around 7 minutes. Check if it has cooked properly and keep for more time if required. Once done, it should come out clean. Let it rest in the refrigerator to settle. Enjoy the Parle G cake topped with a few more chopped nuts or chocolate syrup.  You can also dust it with powdered sugar.


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