Worst Scenario Of Great Depression Made Sacks A Fashion Trend

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The historical depression of 1929 was the worst era of world history. Not for only one reason but many that there was a fall in the economy. Collapses in the stock market, miseries due to the Dust Bowl are few that led to destruction. The suffering of unemployment, homeless and poverty were acute effects of the Great Depression. Hereby, was the extinction of luxury and inventions depending on needs or requirements. Fashion trend modified with the adaption of sacks for garment making and clothes.

Poverty had risen when the US suffered from homelessness and a strong monetary challenge. The downfall was the beginning of the worst forcing me to rethink the clothing and foods along with shelter.

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Could you think about fashion trends from flour sacks?

After the major widespread pandemic Covid 19, the experience of the Great Depression can be recollected. Poverty due to unemployment upsurge the requirements to alter and choose affordable things. Fashion trends saw a massive challenging era when rural Americans started to use flour sacks for garment making.

It was easy to find flour sacks which were brought home along with bags. The sacks were cotton made and rendered a way for the poor to make their living and afford food for themselves.

The use of cotton sacks seemed to be a choice in disguise which later on endeavored a colossal new-age fashion in rural areas of America.

Sacks’ designs and patterns of the flours gave unique ideas to try them to make new clothes for the women as well as their families. The prints encountered the ladies’ minds to use for making beautiful dresses. Recycling++ the flour bags helped them to save money for their family during the worst situation of unemployment. People were suffering from a major crisis.

Fooding clothing management as fashion trend by women

Women were the managers of food and clothing at home. So, it was their initiative to use the different Gingham patterns for their dresses. Though it was to satisfy their need, later it grew up in the fashion trend.

Short supply of garments due to World War II was another specific reason for choosing sacks for clothes. Scarcity also increased the prices of the clothes that were difficult for the people of the rural areas to afford. Sustainability was the main purpose during the time of scarcity when affordability was challenging.

Sacks were available in various sizes ranging from standard sizes to small handbags. Flour bags were cut and designed not only for making garments but for various stitches for household purposes.

Pillow covers, bed sheets, bags curtains apart from classy dresses were stitched out from flour sacks.

Later the creativity of the dresses was embellished with embroideries, laces, and ribbons to give a classy look to the garments.

Rural housewives of America had given a contemporary outlook even during the hardships faced by the people. There was a lack of sources, poverty therefore the farm ladies had challenged the expensive garments. The rural lives had evaluated their ways with innovativeness and intelligence that was the need due to scarcity.

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