A Sneak-Peak Into The #Taiwan’s #DuanwuFestival

The Duanwu Festival in Taiwan. This is a festival of Taiwan which is worth to be witnessed to look out for the great zeal and enthusiasm of the people.

Taiwan is a land which has an amazing blend of skyscrapers and splendid mountains.

A place for fantastic hiking and adventure trails and some extravagant festivals to be celebrated by the people.

Taiwan is still not completely explored by the tourists and it has many hidden wonders which is to be dug into for many incredible experiences. It is a hub for entertainment and vibrant cultures.

Out of this comes, Taiwan’s very own, The Dragon Boat Festival or The Duanwu Festival. This is a festival of Taiwan which is worth to be witnessed to look out for the great zeal and enthusiasm of the people. 

The Duanwu Festival is the traditional dragon boat festival. Celebrated on the 5th day of the 5th Month of the traditional lunar calendar, this is the festival to mark the death of Chinese patriotic poet, Qu Yuan. IT is said that, people had a boat race to save the poet in the past. Therefore to commemorate his death, every year this festival is celebrated by the people. 

It is one of the important festivals and it marks a national holiday in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau. 

The Duanwu Festival comprises of numerous activities carried out by the people. All of them are high spirited and look forward for the festivities and to enjoy the most.

There are three major activities that take place during the celebration:

Preparing of Zongzi

The festivities starts with the preparing and eating of the traditional Chinese food called Zongzi. It is a traditional cuisine made of rice and stuffed with different fillings in a bamboo leaf. It is either steamed or boiled. You will even find the stalls all over on the streets of Taiwan and will be available in different flavours.



Drinking Realgar Wine

The second activity is drinking of the Realgar wine. The celebration of people is not complete without the drinking of wine.



Dragon Boat Race

This is the most important of all, because this is the main activity of celebration. There are hundreds of people who take part in the race with all zeal and excitement. Also along with them are the people who cheer during the race. The race is held in all different lakes and river all across Taiwan. This race is not even just a tradition now but has turned into an international sport.


So, this time around do have a great experience to be a part of this great festival and join the boat race and if not the race then just to cheer!

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