I Take Drugs So I Can Work

Drug addicts

Drug addicts – This is an actual saying of popular actors who are addicted and accepts the fact of taking drugs.

And, to our surprise, they do this so that they can contribute more to their work. Believe it or not, celebrities do have a very different kind of lifestyle that we know a part of it, and to cope up with all the hurdles they take drugs.

Despite having a huge fan following, they feel alone and isolated because of the rules manifested to them. Once you are addicted to the limelight, you do everything to hold your position and no better than focus on your work.

Drugs give drug addicts a chance to think and work better (as said by them in various encounters).

Let’s disclose some of the Drug addicts celebrities –

Drug addicts –

1 – Ranbir Kapoor

Being brave enough, Ranbir admits to having drugs during film school days and during ‘Rockstar’. When asked the reason, he just says he wants to focus more. Well! We all know Ranbir’s struggle with his girlfriends and life, so maybe the reason for saying this has a long list of unknown facts and figures. Let’s not peek so much into his personal life, we are talking about the fact celebrities do drugs so they can work better.

2 – Lady Gaga

Though she wanted to quit and shared her experience by saying this addiction as a method of self-medication. She is addicted to marijuana and enjoys every inch of it. She started having heavy dosage when her career is at the peak. We can only analyze the fact that heights of success have serious side effects.

Drug addicts

3 – Scott Weiland

This singer believes drugs made him feel overwhelmed and at that time he became more objective and more creative. He feels more when he is on drugs and thus writes songs better. I can’t say anything about it but what I feel is just that he is trying to fill a void in his life. To write something that touches the heart, you need to touch hearts of million people – that is a fact and you have these feelings already but what drugs do is simply make those feelings a priority in your mind.

Drug addicts

4 – Amy Winehouse

She wasn’t able to handle the pressure of being in the limelight and being on the top. She started doing drugs which gives a good feeling in the beginning because it takes you far away from the real world. The time when you literally face the reality, all these feelings go in a gutter and you even become a worse person.

Drug addicts

These are Drug addicts celebs – All these celebrities started off as an experiment and went on with heavy dosage. This is because they are in a lifestyle where drug use is acceptable, they have money to buy it and most importantly peer pressure. They have been introduced by some or the other person in the industry which eventually become a barrier to their career. Coming out of it took years and eventually, the career graph takes a U-turn. They try to come back but cannot with the same storm. The audience just doesn’t accept than with the same warmth.

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