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Biryani – India is famous for few of the its native recipes one of them is biriyani.

Biryani has been mould into its own away accordingly with the flavor of every region. Every recipe of biryani while you travel in different parts of India you will come enjoy the genuine and variation of the taste of biriyani.

Addition of spices and ingredients differ, finally the flavor also right from the north to south and from north to east each has its own individuality in Biriyani preparation. A list of biryani can be given that are found but the best or the most known biriyani

Lucknow biryani

Lucknow is famous for travel, architecture, food and Hindustani music. One of the best place in India to visit but not once, you will visit it for more than once each and every time to discover something new about this place.

Lucknow Biriyani, the name itself is defines the nativity of the food who follow the food preparation techniques partly influenced from the Mughals cuisines also same as the middle east, central India.

Fine rice with the fantastic aroma of the spices and rice together can increase your hunger to the extreme that you will never be able to resist yourself to try this Lucknow biryani whenever you are passing through the Lucknow biriyani stalls or restaurants. Popular recipe with less spice that was preferred by the Nawabs of Lucknow and milder than most of the other types of biriyani.

Matka biryani preparation though biriyani also known to be the toughest item to cook as well as time taking too, Matka biriyani the traditional recipe cooked in wooden flames for hours.


Hyderabadi Biryani

Biriyani and Hyderabad both are connected to the soul of every non-vegetarian. Once again the enigmatic aroma of the rice and the spices attracts you that can be very much irresistible. Hyderabad is famous for biryani, therefore, name given to it “Hyderabadi Biriyani” as it is the native food item after Aurangzeb came to the throne.

The main essence of the Hyderabadi biriyani is the saffron that makes this Hyderabadi dish more special, that are cooked into Kacchi biriyani and Pakki biriyani. Kacchi Biriyani made in handi with flour dough tightened edges. One of the toughest and traditional forms of biryani preparation.

Pakki biriyani is a fast process of cooking biryani simply adding the layer of the prepared chicken on layers of rice, after adding one layer after another and heating it, mixing it well before serving.

Loving aroma of the saffron with the long grains of cooked rice and soften chicken pieces, one more important part is the adding of onion in Hyderabadi biriyani.


Mughlai Biryani

You can easily differ the Mughlai biryani from the other biryani by the appearance and essence. There is no doubt that biryani lovers love this dish, but those who have tried this for the first time cannot resist it to try again and again.

Mutton biriyani or chicken biriyani both served with the fineness of spices, this recipe was brought to India by the Persian, the dish of the kings. Kings loved the dish as the pieces of meat or chicken was spiced up with rich spice, so a blend of spicy and salty rice preparation.

Best Mughlai  Biryani can be tasted in corners of Delhi and its neighbouring areas where the kings invaded India and introduced the dish to our country. Planning to visit Delhi then it becomes necessary for you to at least find out one day to relish the Mughlai Biriyani speciality of the city, enjoy the flavor of one original and traditional recipes by the Mughals.

In modern days many more different types of biriyani are found but the Mughlai biriyani is the one of the oldest kind of tastier recipe with the including side dishes to this food.

Mughlai biriyani has more spice compared to hyderabadi biryani….


Kolkata Biryani

Kolkata the “City of Joy” where there sweets and porridges rules among Bengalis. Thanks to the “Nawabs of Lucknow” who introduced biriyani with eggs and potatoes. Now, whenever you step in Kolkata to any restaurant for a treat to yourself on a plate of biryani you will find the savory and individuality of Kolkata Biriyani.

Now let us discuss the individuality of Kolkata biriyani, it’s the whole big potato and one whole egg stuffed as well as boiled in the biryani, you will find the grease over the whole potato and eggs apart from the chicken or mutton in the biryani. The potato and egg were first introduced in Kolkata, so if you find it somewhere else, then it is inspired from Kolkata.

Kolkata biryani was named after Nawab had exiled from Lucknow to Kolkata, while the scarcity of meat or chicken finally led their kitchen to cook biriyani with potatoes and eggs, this created more individuality in the recipe of dishes of biryani called “Kolkata biriyani”.


Ambur Biryani

Famous biriyani of south India, one more Nawabi dish, inspired from the Nawabs of Ambur. Generally, it is a special biriyani made of Mutton. The softness of mutton with the basmati rice with excellent combination of spices of south India together forms a classy biriyani with the merge of coriander leaves and curd.

Curd is something that you will not find in most of the biriyani preparation, except the biriyani cooked in Srilanka or Ambur. Ambur city is famous for biriyani with a huge number of biriyani stalls at every corner within the city. A touch of south Indian flavor is found in the dish or a plate of biriyani, so if you move around the streets of Ambur about 170 km away from Chennai you can enjoy the aroma and biryani of Ambur.

Mint is one of the ingredients in Ambur Biriyani that changes the flavor from other recipes of biriyani. The taste of mint does lack in all biriyani found in all over India. Best for the preparation of mutton biryani that you should eat and experience this specific biriyani when you are visiting south India.


Beary Biriyani

Delicious while you eat and the essence of the biriyani is something you will never forget, it is because of the mint leaves. From the mint leaves you might have easily guessed that it is also from the south Indian recipes. Karnataka from the primitive community, it has been brought in from the community known as Dakshina Kannada it is the coastal region. This recipe is inspired by the Mangalean Muslims and The main ingredient in this biryani is the coconut paste consist of coconut fennel seeds and poppy seeds which is mixed together to make a paste.

This biryani is a distinctive preparation because of the coconut flavour present in it, which makes it taste different from the other biryani flavours from all over India.

So south Indian biryani is not limited to the taste and preparation of Hyderabadi biryani or Srilankan biryani. It is highly spicy prepared with the combination of ghee and south Indian spices along with the locally available fleshy meat. So visiting Karnataka with the savor of this less famous biryani will be an amazing treat to yourself.

Relishing that is liked by all ages of people whether it is a kid or an older person….


Tallassee Biryani

What not to say about Tallassee Biriyani? Extremely delicious filled with cashew nuts and taste sweet including raisins, nuts that makes this dish though known as biriyani but actually opposite to the spicer traditional biryani. Rice used in this biryani is known as Kaima rice instead of basmati rice. Kaima rice is available in the Malabar region.

The popularity of this biriyani is due to the sweet taste and the fine rice that also has a fascinating smell increasing your hunger to relish the sweetness of this dish. The preparation of the dish is also different as rice is cooked separately from the mutton or chicken.

Later it mixed before serving or at the time of serving, it is inspired from the Persian, Arabian and Indian form to blend it and make a unique preparation of biriyani.

This is a dish from Kerala with its uniqueness, it is hard to stop yourself from having the dish, though if you have known about the biriyani like Dum biriyani or Lucknow biriyani, but this sweet biriyani is sure not to disappoint you with the different method of preparation and taste.


Some more biriyanis are Kamrupi biriyani of Assam, Tahari biriyani of prepared without meat, one of the famous food in Kashmir started by Tipu Sultan in Mysore. Almost every part of India has its own form of making biriyani, each taste better, anything you will like and love to eat.

So if you only had an idea of few of the popular biriyanis then modern food preparation and urge to taste something different and unique while travelling towards different parts of India has inspired to produce new and native foods like biriyani. As far you go you can find milder to massive changes with excellent and relishing tastes that are incomparable and mouth watery.

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