5 Seafood Dishes From Salmon Fish “Rava”

Salmon Fish

Salmon Fish – Seafoods are the main attraction of the travellers and tourists, craving to taste the delightful dishes based on the nativity of the seaside and the individuality involved in every tint of the delicious foods.

Though kinds of seafood include in wide range items such as crabs, octopus, fish, shrimps or prawns, lobster and many more.

Salmon Fish –

1 – Salmon Fish “Rava”

While there are variations in the preparation of the seafood dishes in different parts of the seaside areas still there are few common dishes though changes in flavor that are amazing to try once whenever you visit the seaside of south India.

Indian kinds of seafood are mostly bounded to aquatic fishes, shrimps and crabs. Seafood is “Must Try”!!  different items with different tastes, lemony, spicy, crispy and salty. Among the kinds of seafood Salmon is the most well known and loving one for all foodies, sharing few of the most wanted and easily approaching, needed when you are hungry or urge for a bite over a salmon dish.

2 – Spicy salmon fish fry

So if you are a spicy food lover, pondering for seafood dishes while around the seashores walking on the beach and peeping into the shacks for seafoods. Monsoon season with the dark sky and wet all over in the rain can increase the desire to have spicy plates of seafood.

Salmon in Indian known as Rava, the oily fish, nothing can be many mouths watering while you add “spicy salmon fry to your evening snacks accompanied by a beer or a glass of whisky.

Enjoy the savor of the spicy dish, a wet evening watching tides wondering in and out till the horizon. Seaside grown pepper and salt long added fried Salmon fish. The spicy dish may burn your tongue with the hot and red chillies but let me tell you; you will not feel like putting the Salmons aside as it will make you lick your finger.

Spicy salmon fish fry

3 – Meen Kozhambu

When did you last travel to a village or got down in for your lunch while travelling into the south Indian villages. If you have done so then looking into the menus especially the kinds of seafood “Meen Kozhambu” is a must dish added to their food items.

The flavor of South India, grinds of coconut blended with spices of south and sourness of the lemon, tamarind makes you irresistible to eat this food.

This is a fish curry rich in taste and one of the traditional food dish made by the villagers as salmon is easily available by the seaside fisherman and farmers. Actually, it is a south Indian village seafood dish emerged specifically from Indian seaside villages of Tamil Nadu, try this native food item whenever you visit Tamil Nadu.

Salmon Fish

4 – Whole Roasted Salmon fish stuffed with lemon.

You cannot deny for kinds of seafood if you are inclined to try various types of fish, no doubt when it comes to salmon that too with a slight limonite smell and tangy in taste, together I can imagine drops of water from your mouth or tongues.

Lemon itself in an ingredient that adds flavor to any food, especially a roasted crispy softened like roasted salmon that is stuffed with the lemon, doesn’t needs to be explained much for the foodies or seafood lovers.

Salmon is a famous sea fish, traveler love to explore the taste of salmon sitting by the seaside with bottles of beer added to the snacks. After that you can watch the setting of the sun in the orange sky and its sunshine, exploring nature, sea water within the coconut trees. Tangy or sour bites of this seafood may mesmerize you to try more and more for those who love the lemon taste in food apart from being roasted.

Salmon Fish

5 – Honey Garlic Crispy Salmon fish

Relishing!! No not in taste but also in appearance, the mild flavor of the garlic intact within the salmon is highly delighting. Eat whenever you like while you are on the south Indian beaches or eager to eat at home.

One of the tastier and easy to cook food for the seafood lovers. Honey tints make the dish sweet while the flavor of garlic increases the wonderful smell and taste of the dish.

Have it in the restaurants or make it at dinner weekends ensure to a pleasurable night with “Honey Garlic Crispy Salmon”.

Garlic is good for health and taste while Indian dish without ginger, onions and garlic are generally incomplete. So, garlic in crispy salmon with the sweetness of honey together is an amazing dish for both children and adults. If you find any difficulty in searching food for your kids then “Honey Garlic Crispy Salmon” is one for your kid’s savour.

Salmon Fish

6 – Grilled Salmon fish

Name itself describes that the salmon fish is grilled with the taste of lemon, pepper, ginger, garlic grilled with sesame oil. What else do you want or think to add more flavor into this seafood dish? The mixed ingredients added to the salmon fillets or pieces are totally sunken into the finger licking seafood dish.

Grilled fish seafood dish is one of the most common dishes, expected to get almost every corner of the sea shacks and restaurants.

Sunny afternoon hungry by the seaside or at evening tired after the water sports or rides take a sit to relish the grilled tasty salmon seafood.

Salmon Fish

You can try this seafood at home while in your barbeque kitchen for your family or any parties, fast in preparation, easier in grilling and awesome while you are serving for your guests.

No matter wherever you travel around the seaside of India, especially the south kinds of seafood are famous especially salmon, Rava that is experimented in various recipes and flavors that creates the interest of the people to have the seafood again and again.

Salmon is a protein-rich food that will make you relish the food and dish satisfy your foodie soul and empty stomach that is found without any difficulties around the food stalls and restaurants near the seas beaches. Salmon the seafood that is cooked, only to make your mouth water and make you more foodie!

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