These rich London Kids are Flaunting Their Wealth in Most Hilarious Ways in Instagram

Flaunting wealth  – Ever since Instagram has gained momentum, it alleviated narcissism to superlatives.

On ethical compass, Instagram dwindle the confidence of many regular teenagers as the affluent ones have started using it as a platform for flaunting their wealth in the most lascivious ways possible.

There is a page on Instagram that hunts for the profiles of these rich kids showing off their enormous wealth and giving us some major life goals, or to say wrecking our confidence.

Flaunting wealth –

1. Bentley:

Talk about flaunting cars, and this photo gives you the vantage point of it. This teen flaunting his Bentley says how spoilt chanel-toting, yacht-sailing teens are.

2. Private Jet:

The most luxurious mode of transportation, a private jet is just suitable for the kids who are rolling in dough. This sight of woman heading towards her private jet chokes us with exasperated jealously.

3. Wiping the shoes with 50 rupees note:

It’s derogatory for the pricey shoes to be touched by a peasant. I, hence chose to wipe with my 50 rupee note with careful strokes. Now don’t demonize me.

4. I am so longing for that comfort:

Spreading out on the sofa wearing those plush black brogues with a window overlooking the beauteous bloom, is all I want during, well every day.

5. 500 notes for blowing nose?

Bowing your nose with the 500 notes and remaining totally unapologetic about it happens when you have a hell lot of fortune to spend. Why not advertise it on Instagram and burn some Niggas down with jealousy?

6. Lamborghini:

What do you want to choose? Two things have been purveyed by the photo, one to drool over the sexy girl and another is the sexier Lamborghini she proudly owns. Many of you out there, we know will choose the Lamborghini any day. Dope!

7. What partying with them feels like?

In case if you were wondering what partying with them feels like. The amount of grandeur visible in the photo is enough to get a clear idea of the lifestyle they lead.

8. More private jets ftw!

Mohammad Jaber shows here what descending from a Private Jet feels like. Serious burns here man!

9. Every day is party:

Ofcourse, they don’t have to wait for Fridays like us common wage-earners. Also, they don’t beed any reason to party. The two girls here seem to suggest that only.

These are the ways for Flaunting wealth  – Feeling poor already? we are doing too. Where do they bring so much money from? Had Instagram not been there, we would never know few people had so much of wealth to just.. well.. squander.

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