Where Men Should Be At 25,35 and 45, Career-wise?

When you have just passed out from the college, you have probably set your mind to some enormous goals. It is a really topsy-turvy road that leads you to success and we all have visions of dollar signs jiggling in our minds while taking strides up there. We believe that you have managed to secure your niche by impressing your seniors but are you planning for the next yet?

According to career expert Elizabeth Whittaker-Walker, one needs to set career milestones and personal growth is important no matter your age. One needs to keep pushing the envelop regardless of what juncture they are at in their professional runway. When you set milestones, they will show you the path towards your goals. Elizabeth Whittaker-Walker explains, “Milestones help you to remember times you stayed on path, moments you strayed, and the impact of each route. They help you remember the lessons you learned on your career journey and those memories will then inspire you to do the things that work and keep you from repeating mistakes.”

If you are having trouble strategizing your efforts, you can take cues from the wisdom shared by the leading career experts. They have shared their take on the milestones you should be targeting in every decade corresponding to your career type. Career paths are different from each other but career experts have laid down a general guideline for the success seekers. Look below to know:

Age 25: You should Learn and Build:

According to Whittaker-Walker, “At 25, you should be securing the education, skills, and early training you need to reach your career goals,” She asks the professionals to cover their basic expenses and save some for the future goals. You should, in this period, focus on building connections that will yield bigger results in the future.

Age 35: Improving and working double-time:

When you are ringing in your 35 year birthday, your life has taken a quantum jump both professionally and personally. According to Whittaker-Walker, “Your professional network should span beyond your state and you should aim to be on at least one board,” she further says, “You should also focus on building new skills and refining the ones you’ve come to be known for. You’ve likely experienced job transitions and promotions, and you should now be positioning yourself for senior leadership,” In short, you will need to speak regularly with the mentors from your early years for inspiration and keep inspiring others.

Age 45: You are an expert:

After those sleepless nights of strategizing, you are now a skilled market player. People are coming to you for advice, absorb your wisdom and put your thoughts into practice for greater success. You have now successfully grown a vast professional network and at this stage, Whittaker-Walker explains that your professional circle of trust is tested and intimate and there should be a giving and receiving within your network.

These benchmarks you should idealise but a consultation with experts is a requisite should you ever have a doubt.

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