Ten Things Everyone Gets When They Are Late To The Office No Matter How Hard You Try!

Late to the office

Late to the office – Waking up early, getting ready and rushing to work is tiresome, boring and what not. Sometimes waking up turn’s out to be one challenging task for a lot of people out there.

Exactly then I am sure, you might have ‘snoozed’ your alarm alert and slept again. And so you know how it feels.

Now, I even assume you pretty well know how you get late to office after that.

Just then, it feels like the entire universe is working collectively to make you run even more late to office. And so, here are some things that keep following you once you are found running late to office.

Of course, they are all put up in a most hilarious manner to make reading enjoyable to you.

Late to the office –

  1. Unable to quickly decide what to be worn

Seriously this happens every single day, holding people back even more late. Make it a bad and confused start for the day. Right nah

Late to the office

  1. Bad hair day

And this hair!! It really sucks, just when you are already late. Never goes into shape and finally a bad hair day. God!! Why me!?

Late to the office

  1. Wait and wait for the cab or bus

When you move around by a public transport – you are fixed!! Because they keep stopping at every random place making this even, late for you. And what when booked a cab?! Well, the cab drivers take you through routes that are stuck up with traffic jams or end up by getting caught to a policeman.

Late to the office

  1. Traffic

Hmm this one really. The one thing that gets any plan spoiled. I sit stuck up in traffic – why so many bikes and cars!? I know it’s the affordability of people. But still ☹

Late to the office

  1. Leave behind your work files or presentation report and realise it midway

What is the point in going to office, when you left behind the important files and reports?! Argh!!

Late to the office

  1. Wardrobe malfunctioning!!

Just when you are being vexed up with all these, you suddenly realise – you have a wardrobe malfunctioning. You shirts doesn’t have buttons! The zip is working and what not buddy!!!

Late to the office

  1. Land into the office sweaty and dirty

After this entire struggle, do you think you can look smart and clean?! Absolutely not. You reach office tired, sweaty and dirty of course.

Late to the office

  1. Boss taunts for being late

Just exactly then, you get to hear you boss taunting at you for being late almost every single day.

Late to the office

  1. Mess up the ongoing meeting

Enter the conference hall amid the meeting and try speaking even though you have no idea of what was going on all this while.

Late to the office

  1. Make up mind to be on time from tomorrow

And finally. Make strong resolution to be on time from tomorrow.

Late to the office

Things we get when Late to the office – Haha!! I know you could relate them very well.  I know, all this seems like happening in a cycle or like a process. But trust me; you are not the only one running late. You got many buddies. Join the club, dude Not funny, though.

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