How To Wake Up Early: 8 Tips You Should Follow To Become Early Riser

Wake Up Early

How To Wake Up Early?

We all know the importance of getting up early in the morning. But many fail to get up as they find it as a herculean task of wake up early.

But let me tell you that it is tough but not impossible, so people  who aspire to wake up early but ave problems waking early are at right place.

Today we have compiled a best tips that you can follow.

Note: Do not follow just one or two tips from below. It is better to act smart by following combination of all.

1. Have a compelling reason to wake up early.

It is very important to come out from 5 minute trap and  hop out of bed in the morning with enthusiasm. One of the best ways is to be exuberant enough to pull out yourself. Look forward to exciting breakfast,  be determined that you have to lose all the flab by exercising in morning, be determined to have personal and productive time of the morning.

2. Make your morning plans.

Schedule vital tasks in the morning for example, keep  meetings early,  plan your todo work that you want to finish off, in morning. In back of the mind, you know what your morning holds lot work  for you, you will simply get up without any struggle.

3. Drink water before going to bed.

Why so? As per researches, drinking ample amount of water before you sleep as it is rejuvenating and relaxing.

4. Keep your alarm far from your bed and set your alarm clock 15 minutes earlier than normal

Place your alarm far across the room so that you do not just not easily hit the snooze button. If still you cannot get up then try placing  alarm in next room so that you have to get up and walk to stop the alarm. Just make sure it is audible. This is really effective. Another smart way to deal with the task initially is to set alarm 15 minutes earlier than your  goal wake-up time.

5. Make realistic time goal

You have to make sure that your time goal should be realistic one. If you wake up 11 am in the morning than you should make your goal directly to wake up at 5 am. So go for smooth transition of waking up early by 30min every day until you reach your goal.

6. Self talk before you sleep

Before you sleep, mentally say or imagine what you want to do in morning the time you want to do after you wake up and also the time that you will wake up at. This might sound weird but it works for many.  Our subconscious is smart and will wake you up exactly when you want to get up.

7. Have a goodnight sleep

It is very vital to have sound sleep to wake up fresh during the dawn. So make sure you have routine of good sleep. So what includes in best bed routine? You can incorporate shower, warm milk, listening to soulful music, reading but not online, switching off cellphones and other gadgets. And most importantly relax and do not indulge in strenuous activities.

8. Try and sleep early and in dark

This is last but not the least one. A night owl can’t be an early riser. If you wake early and do not have proper 6-8 hour sleep then you may fall ill and body breakdowns as our body needs proper  sleep to function accurately. Also make sure that you sleep in total darkness as a sleep hormone Melatonine releases in darkness.

We hope that you got your answer for  how to wake up early ?

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