This Is Your Kissing Style, Based On Your Zodiac Sign!

kissing styles by zodiac signs

“Kissing Styles By Zodiac Signs”

There are different kinds of kiss and the style differs too. So based on that fact, let’s just see, what your zodiac sign reveals about the way you kiss.

Are you excited? I’ll guess you are.

Alright! So keep scrolling down and find out the kissing styles by zodiac signs.

  1. Aries

Aries are a bit shy in terms of romance but when they’re into it, I guess no one can stop ‘em. In terms of kissing style, they are the one who give surprise kisses. In the midst of talking or doing activities, it doesn’t matter, their kiss is surprising.

  1. Taurus

Taurus’ are very focused and before kissing, they play with small details too. For e.g. at first they’ll look into your eyes, then they’ll play with hair and when things become silent, they’ll slowly kiss on the lips.

  1. Gemini

Gemini’s are very shy but wait, they’re totally wild when they start kissing. Also, once they get totally comfortable, they’ll talk about the ways of kissing ‘em” etc. Making ‘em comfortable turns out to be beneficial.

  1. Cancer

Cancerian’s are not at-all shy. Once they deeply fall in-love with you, then that’s it- you’ll find yourself in a romantic movie. They can’t keep their hands off when they are in-love and they express their love by kissing and doing simple nasty things.

  1. Leo

Leo’s are passionate lover and kissers too. They are not shy and love kissing in public as well… {PDA stuff} They’re too wild and their kisses will make you fall in love with ‘em even more.

  1. Virgo

Well, Virgo’s should actually be awarded the title of “best kissers”. They are slow and steady plus they also pay attention to all the details. And yeah, they come up with different styles of kissing, so kissing ‘em is always exciting.

  1. Libra

Firstly, they like to play games. The one where they’ll seduce you and make you excited kinda stuff. Anyways but this fun is a cool thing as in the end, they’re the passionate kissers.

  1. Scorpio

Kissing is not enough for ‘em. Yes!! They’re too much into licking too. So if you’re in love with a Scorpio- get ready for a kiss and the other thing too.

  1. Sagittarius

Sagittarian’s are already known to be the exciting lovers. Simply-they add a lot of excitement in romantic gestures too. While kissing, they’ll develop a romantic interest and then will slowly cover you with kisses.

  1. Capricorn

Oh wow, you’re lucky one if you’re in a relationship with Capricorn. They are like the good-researchers. In short, they’ll Google “types of kisses” and will try ‘em out with you. Don’t worry, it is actually fun especially with ‘em because they are good kissers.

  1. Aquarius

Don’t expect surprising kisses for ‘em. They are actually the one, who want everything to be exceptional i.e. they want a perfect timing and a perfect place and day to offer you with kisses.

But doesn’t matter, when they’re into kissing you, nothing can stop ‘em.

  1. Pisces

Experience everything i.e. a sweet kiss, love-bite, licking etc. Pisces will take a kiss slow but then it is all wild and passionate.

These were the kissing styles by zodiac signs…Now don’t wait and let your friends know about their style too.

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