Badass Quotes To Set As Status To Show The World You Are No Ordinary!

badass quotes

Badass quotes – With the status option being the hot favorites on social media, you may love to put up some really cool and attitude status. Isn’t it?! Yes, I personally love to put some badass status that show we be in our lives.

I Am sure you all must be trying to set up some witty and sassy quotes as your status along with your super cool display picture. Be witty and let people know how cool and happy your life goes. Let the bitches out there know you one classy head here. Why wait now. Check the different quotes for your status.

So, here we got you some badass quotes that shows your kickass attitude to the world. Check them out here.

Badass quotes – 

  1. Your attitude, my foot.

Hahaa, good for you. Try not hurting my attitude. 

  1. I am not like the rest of the folk you’ve seen!!

You must have seen sheep in the flock. I am not one among the flock.

  1. Oh baby, wanna see my Dp, pehle jaa ke aukat dekho!!
    Forget about my display picture. Better you go get a life for yourself.
  1. I am complicated, that your poor brain fails to understand.

Poor one! Tried to understand my kickass attitude. That poor little brain couldn’t make it out!

  1. Hell, yeah! Yes, I am a bitch. So, what?!

I am bold enough to accept. Will you?! Or at least, can you?!

  1. No no I am not bossy I am the queen

Silly you don’t understand!

  1. I am a girl with mind, a lady with attitude and a women with class

Yes I am classy with high standards!

  1. Im too Glam to give you a damn!

When you give a damn and busy in your glam world!

These are some kickass and badass quotes, set them as your status. Have those bitches mouth shut. ! After all, status in your social media accounts matters Time to be bold, sassy and classy, of course. What waiting for. Set up the social media on hard fire. Be witty-sassy-classy, bitch.

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