20 Ways Life Changes From Early To Late Twenties

Ways Life Changes

Ways Life Changes – Regular clubbing has become a boring habit for you and now you find pleasure in travelling the world with GPS navigation.

Is this how you currently feel? Well, you must be in your late twenties.

Here are some Ways Life Changes in your late twenties:

Some Ways Life Changes –

  1. You might think that you are getting old as while in your early twenties, you could be found returning home or just going to sleep in early mornings, now you drag yourself from the bed to go for work.
  2. You now understand the true meaning of letting your hair down and like to party harder than you work. But, the concept of partying has changed for you.
  3. While you thought losing a few kilos was as easy as talking about yourself in your early twenties, you now dislike jogging or exercising as much as the presentation meetings in your office.
  4. Earlier when you overheard people gossiping about you, you cried in despair but now you truly understand the value of few, close friends and are not influenced by what others might think about you.
  5. While you partied a lot in your early twenties and found new dates every time, your job has become your life now and you are no more interested in late-night parties and regular dating. Partying that was once an occupation is now a hobby.
  6. At 21 or 22, you binged on chips and coke but now you resolve to diet every second day, thinking that juice should be your favourite drink.
  7. Your laziness overpowers you now and your earlier zest for life where you tried out whacky ideas to impress people has become out-dated and you prefer spending your leisure time by taking a long day nap.
  8. You appreciate your life as single and love packing your bags to explore new places in the world all by yourself. The idea of travelling alone now takes you on a new high.
  9. You can respect and appreciate people’s qualities better and dating has become much simpler for you though you now do not look for dating every other guy who you know has a crush on you.
  10. While younger, you went into tears when rebuked by someone, you are now much more confident on your capabilities and think yourself to be too strong to be influenced by rude behaviour.
  11. Your respect and care for your parents increases manifold. While you solely depended on your parents earlier for your expenses and tried convincing them in every possible way to buy you the new mobile or the bigger laptop, now you handle your bills on your own and some of you even try to lend a helping hand to your parents for their finances. You also realize the necessity of spending more family time.
  12. You soar high above the clouds as your self-esteem can no longer be hurt unlike in your younger days, when even a rightful criticism of your bad habits by your loved ones would transport you to the same gloomy moment you had when you were sent to school for the first time.
  13. Earlier, your excitement knew no bounds when your crush proposed you but now only delicious food makes you happy.
  14. Making new friends was just so easy and you found yourself in group hugs almost all the time but, now while you love your singlehood, all your friends have either got married or are in a committed relationship.
  15. You are richer in finances than in time now and start taking care of yourself. Now, the television has replaced your passion for clubbing.
  16. After a break-up in your early twenties, you found yourself saying that life has not been fair to you while now you would gladly come out of a relationship claiming it to be a loss for the other person. You now make use of your lone time better.
  17. Your true personality comes to the limelight and you do not think the entire world is against you anymore. You can also handle criticism much better now while earlier, constructive criticism was like rocket science to you.
  18. Earlier, your friends filled up your glass first, but now you find yourself living a fitter life, living each moment with pride and enthusiasm.
  19. Cribbing and complaining about your failures in life had become your favourite pastime while in your early twenties, but now you graciously accept the little success and accomplishments of life and strive to live more and do more.
  20. You accept challenges and the fact that you are getting older each birthday, you are now in a better position to understand that life has its own share of twists and turns for everyone and you may sometime be in a dilemma over right and wrong, but your analysis and understanding of people and situations now serve you better.

These are some ways life changes – Every age has its own beauty and comes with its own set of doubts. As and when you approach 30, you realize this better and live your age with the feeling that you will never be of that age ever again.

Now do you find your inner storms coming to a rest and you being a happier and more sorted person than before?

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