5 Things To Keep In Mind For Girls Who Go Clubbing

Girls Who Go Clubbing

Safety for girls who go clubbing – A lot of girls are being told not to go clubbing at night because there are safety issues.

Well, why not?

Why should a girl stop having fun just because some men out there are out of their minds?

I think you deserve all that you wish to do and you have all the right to go clubbing and enjoy every single moment there.

And if you are concerned about your safety at the club, just keep in mind these 5 things before you go clubbing.

Safety for Girls Who Go Clubbing –

1. Wear what you are comfortable in

Don’t let anyone influence you on what’s suitable for a club and what’s not. Just focus on what you are comfortable wearing, what makes you feel like partying and what you will be able to handle smoothly even when you are highly drunk. Because when you are comfortable, you carry everything in style at every moment.

2. Inform someone at home

Sometimes we don’t tell our parents that we are going clubbing and make an excuse. Well, that’s okay but someone from your home needs to know where exactly you are going in case of any problem that might occur. So, tell it either to your siblings or an aunt or anyone who is like family to you.

3. Keep at least one weapon

Yes, you are allowed to have as much fun as you want but you should be capable enough of protecting yourself. So, either keep a pocket knife, or a scissor or a pepper spray in your bag to make sure you are ready to kick someone’s ass if something wrong happens.

4. Don’t take strange drinks

Whether it is the cute guy on the bar who sent you a drink or the bartender who said it’s complimentary, you must not take that drink until and unless it’s made in front of you. Always, head to the bar and ask him for a fresh drink and observe carefully when he makes it. After all, we are well aware of what spiked drinks could do, right?

5. Have someone trusted drive you back home

Club parties end at late nights and you are obviously drunk by the end of it, so driving is not at all an option for you. Also, you cannot trust on the cabs or rickshaws in India during late night. Hence, you need to have someone who will drop you safely at home.

These are the safeties for Girls Who Go Clubbing – Just keep in mind these 5 things when you head to the club and trust me, nothing can stop you from having the fun that you wish to. Because you are prepared for the worst and the best both, huh?

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