Challenges Faced By Small Town Girls Struggling In Big And Bad Cities

Small town girls

Small town girls – Everyone craves for a luxurious and lavish life in cities that provide all the required amenities for the livelihood. This could sound just normal for all the ones from large cities, but it would not be for a person coming up from a far-off village. It may sound just wonderful and they may even seem to be super excited about the life in the city.

Unfortunately, many of the people coming from the villages specially women are badly made fun of. I don’t know why some educated fools treat them that way. Seriously! There is something that they must learn from the people coming forwards towards the cities for various reasons like education, job and many more things.

Why don’t they see their levels of competitive spirt and levels of accomplishment? Why treat the low only because they hail from a backward area. Not fair, not at all fair. It is to be understood by such people that birth and place of birth can never be in the hands of we men, but what about survival?! Definitely in our hands.

Here we got forward some struggles that Small town girls face! Check them out.

Small town girls struggle –

1 – Discrimination Ahh:

The word itself has got lot of negative vibes for the ears. I wonder what good can this do to anyone out there. Good for nothing. When a women sets out to a city leaving behind her village seeking some job opportunities and all of a sudden she has to face discrimination, just because she hails from a village. Reject her for not holding a degree from a proper university, that would be more fine than rejection because of her village background. Unfair it is.

2 – Idea of home:

Now what could this be. Coming from a distant place, we very well know that we can never be accepted as locals of the place, but what hurts more is our families consider us to belong to that place just because we earn bread staying there. Hey bhagwan! Just then, I feel I don’t belong to anyplace.

3 – Language:

Why do people make this little thing a problem, my little brain fails to understand! India be a vast land with diversified culture, religions, languages – it could never be difficult to learn the language. Not. Infact that is gonna be a challenge.

4 – Dressing:

why the hell is this even an issue I fail to understand just because small town girls don’t follow fashion or don’t reveal skin doesn’t mean they are “bahenji”.

They may sound so simple, but trust me they matter a lot for those coming from small villages or towns. And just because of this, there is no need of back-stepping. Step forward, buddy. Be brave and confident and set example for those upcoming generations. Good luck.

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