7 Kinds Of People That Always Die In A Horror Movie

Horror Movie

Horror movie – Reasons to like horror movies are plenty. The thrills, the excitement and to some people, the gore is what gets them going.

The bottom line is that a horror movie needs death to accentuate the thrilling experience of the audience.

The death could be of any character, small or the lead.

You must have noticed (and often predicted) the death of certain characters, who are too stupid to take risks.

Here are the kinds of people who always meet with death, at times gruesome, in every horror movie (and in all honesty, they should die) –

The Uber-sexy Siren


Horror movies of the modern day have these sexy actresses, lead as well as secondary, enticing the audience with their antics. These oversexed characters are killed in most movies and at times in the most hilarious manner – read, killed during sex, and personally, good riddance for that. You were ruining the horror for me.

The Couple That Despises One Another


Since they don’t care for one another, the audience does not weep when they die either. It’s all in good spirit. You do not want such negativity around you; kill these suckers.

The Curious One


This character can be a male or a female, whose over curiosity gets them murdered by the villain in the movie. Do you feel sorry for them, because I don’t? If you are weak and too stupid to realise that, you deserve to be slaughtered. A knife will do you no good against a monster.

The Drunk or the Drug Addict


Horror movies need two components in order to succeed – one, sex; second, a drunkard or a drug addict. They are easy to kill. Besides, the audience gets a hint that acting like a slut or being an addict does not get you too far.

The Geek


This category of characters is the backbone of many horror films. They are the brains behind solving the mystery, but alas, they do not have much time. Some movies take them till the end, but kill them off at that juncture. As if the geeks don’t get enough trouble at college.

The Sceptic


These people never believe in the ‘non-existent’. When 9 out of 10 believe in certain evil, the person who stands alone has to die. This sends out a message to 9 others to not change their belief.

The Villain


Though there are certain films where the villain wins, most movies prefer killing off the bad guy/girl. That’s the way the film industry spreads the message of good always winning over the evil. Where in some movies the theory works, on others it backfires.

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