Remember These “Words” When You’re On The Verge OF Giving Up In Your LiFe!

Never Give Up: Giving up is easy in LiFe.

But should we give up? Absolutely NOT. No matter what; you should keep facing & fighting your demons till the very end. We all have problems and we have the strength to tackle them too. It’s just that sometimes we believe in the negative and we end up giving up. You know; many things will take place in your LIFE, that’ll make you give up. You will feel lost and all alone. But let me tell you, sometimes “being lost” also teaches us many things. IF you’re currently experiencing it, then FIND OUT what you can learn out of it.

IF you think your LIFE is tough, show it that you’re tough too. Therefore, always remember these words to stop yourself when you’re on the verge of giving up in LIFE.


Many people run from their problems. But let me tell you; doing so never helps. Instead, when you run, the problem increases. So always, whenever you’re in a problem, accept it. Accept your situation with an oath that you will make it better. Admit it that you slipped & did a mistake.

Accepting your problem is the FIRST step and word you should remember.


You can restart your LIFE. IF doing certain thing has caused you trouble, remember to restart it by setting out new plans. Make plans on how to change the situation, not how to escape it.

This time when you try, change the situation into better.


We humans easily believe that we are not strong. Why? Listen, this is just in your head. You’re strong and you should believe it. The more you believe, the stronger you get. So believe that you’re strong enough to FIGHT your problem. Maybe others can’t see the strength in you and that’s completely ok.

You don’t have to punch someone’s FACE to show your strength. Do you get it? Feel it inside.


When problems hit us, we get attracted towards negativity easily. Listen, that’s where we FAIL a bit. These are the times you should be positive the most. Be positive and surround yourself with positivity as well.

With positivity, you can always find a way.

  1. LIVE

One day we all will die. Isn’t that right? But remember, let the dying come when it is planned. You don’t have to take your LIFE. You have to LIVE & explore the world’s beauty. No matter what; never ever stop living. Live it your way and most importantly, enjoy every phase i.e. sadness, happiness etc.

Never Give Up : Do you have any other words to add in this list? Leave a comment below.

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