Ultraviolet Rays the Nemesis To Collagen And Beauty

Ultraviolet Rays are divided into three parts which have different effects on the skin of the body. Collagens are the main part of the bonding of the skin. Wrinkles, early signs of aging, and damages are the causes of damages to skins. The increase of the UV rays has led to severe skin diseases over time, hereby it is acting as Nemesis to collagen and beauty.

Collagen is the protein that is available not only in the connective tissues but throughout the bones, muscles of the body.

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How UV rays are involved in the breaking of Collagen?

Beauty cannot be defined and attractive with a toned-up skin and body. The collagen is highly responsible for the functions and health resisting to loosening of elasticity of the skin cells. UV rays are mostly involved in deforming the proper functions that end up sagging, dark pigments deepening to the multiple layers.

Maximum damages to the real, natural beauty are due to the deficiencies of the protein. Three types of Ultraviolet rays are:

  • UVC

This can be the least causing damages as rays, its wavelength that measures 100 to 290 nanometers. It is the shortest that is itself absorbed by the ozone layer. So it has the least effect on the skin, apart from the natural resources of sunlight it is observed in certain lightings.

  • UVB

Collagens of the skin are highly affected by the UVB rays. If you suffer from wrinkles, sometimes dark spots on the skin, and tans it is due to the UVB. The peak hours when the tans can be appearing on the skins when regularly exposed to the sun shines strongly mostly after 10 am to 2:30 pm. At this time daily exposure to the rays ends up in severe burns that destroy the original color of the skin.

It is common today, that most people who move outside the house for jobs, colleges, or schools have the tans. Through a long time and sometimes short time exposed to the UVB rays, the burns maybe while playing or working in the field.

  • UVA

The highest wavelength that measures between 320 to 400 nanometer, the UVA has a stronger effect on the human skin and health. It not only hampers out a layer of the skin but it has the ability to penetrate intensely to the bones and connective tissues.

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Natural protection by the Skin against UV rays

The natural protection by the skin certainly resists the sagging of the skin. Collagen improves the health of the skin, and it is guarded by the melanocyte that produces the melanin. Melanin has always played the main role in controlling the elasticity that is absorbed or used by the keratinocytes. The damages to the cells by the ultraviolet rays are repaired easily by the produced melanin and its functions.

But on extreme and regular exposure to the different intense ultraviolet rays are incapable of repairing the skin. The functions are incompetent of daily exposures leading to skin problems, collagen damages defend the beauty and attractive smiles, pulling too early aging.

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