6 Types Of People We All See At Work

Types Of People At Work

Types Of People At Work – Going to work every day is one heck of an experience because you get to meet so many kinds of people that there is no single species that you wish to meet after that.

Usually, a lot of people hate their work life but come on, don’t you think that is the reason why you are able to survive every day without boredom? Especially, the people you find at work place are enough to make your day with their different attitudes.

On that note, I have figured out we see 6 types of people at work.

Have a look types of people at work :

  1. The gossiping queen

She is everywhere and every person in office is her friend because she always has something to tell. From what you bring to lunch to where you went on a date, she knows it all.

  1. The womanizer

This guy is always cheesy and tries to hit on every girl in the office. Actually, he has good looks and every vulnerable woman easily falls for his tricks.

  1. The Feminists

That can either be a girl or a guy who always talks about equality. They don’t care before taking charge of any work regardless of the fact that it’s meant for a woman or a man. And whenever there is even a little bit of sexism, they are ready to kill.

  1. The Male Chauvinist

Where there are men and women working together, you can easily find a male chauvinist. This guy thinks that women have achieved a certain position in the work scenario because of being a WOMAN. Basically, he has a problem with whatever a woman does and hehates the fact that women are getting empowered.

  1. The innocent one

This guy always gets bullied because he is just too innocent. All girls feel bad for him and all guys just can’t help but make fun of him. POOR GUY!

  1. The Boss Pleaser

In short, you can call him a Chaatu in hindi if you want. Because this boss pleaser knows nothing but to please the boss with agreeing on everything he says, doing his chores, bringing him coffee and what not. I mean, why can’t he just focus on work instead of slaving around?

We all see these types of people at work – Well, if you have all these types of people in your office, I am sure you have an interesting work life. If not, then only God can help you with the boredom.

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