Never Date A Handsome Hunk, Ask Us Why!

Handsome Hunk

Handsome Hunk – He is handsome and hot. He makes you sweat and go weak in the knees. But he is not dating material. Why, you ask?There are plenty of reasons to say clear of an exceptionally good looking man.

One of them is of course, insecurity. You’ll always be hounded by inferiority complex. Even if he is a totally smitten and committed guy, you’ll still be insecure when hanging out with him. Constantly thinking about other beautiful girls who might look better with him. You could be the most evolved of human beings, and still indulge in this petty habit. There’s nothing wrong with this. It’s absolutely normal and common.

According to a study, a better looking partner can make the other so insecure that it can lead to a break up, without a legitimate reason at play. Handsome men are also effortlessly stylish. Do you really want him to hog the limelight and be better turned out than you. Imagine the pain when it takes you hours to look decent, while he just has to show up to be applauded for his good looks? Well, it’s not his fault…he has been blessed with Greek god looks, what the hell can he do.

Even if he is modest about it, people will constantly bring the topic up and make him feel like an immortal. Good looking people also have amazing levels of confidence.They can strut out with their shoulders held straight and their heads held high. It’s not vanity, but the fact that others adore them. It’s only the plan looking that suffer from ‘acceptance’ issues and have to constantly figure out how to pleat project themselves. If you’re with a handsome hunk, you have to match his level of confidence.

Be absolutely comfortable in your skin and not care a damn about the world. If you can manage to do that, you can do just about anything! But the most cruel of all is the society.

It will judge him for hanging out with a lesser attar cube person, while mock at you for going ‘above’ your standards. You should definitely ignore them as they are jobless and clueless. But you’ll face criticism at every level and that’s something you can’t love with. You could be a really wonderful, loving and caring person but that will be underplayed thanks to your not-so good looks.

Looks are subjective and personality is important, yes. But not many know that. If you can break away the barriers and be happy with him, date him. But again, only if he is worth it.

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