Traveller by Profession?

Traveller by profession

Traveller by profession – Travelling! A passion who loves to travel to explore different places and it their culture, lifestyle and their people. Travelling is not only bounded to see new places but also to feel the glimpse of nature. So if anyone of you likes to explore new places then it can also be a profession.

Traveller by profession – How can travelling be a profession?

So, you might be thinking that travelling can be a profession? Travelling has become a travel, companies can hire you for travelling. Finally, can travelling pay you better than office sitting jobs? But never confuse your leisure vacation to a professional. Remember you travel only for work if you choose travelling as your profession, so if you don’t like to sit back in front of computer or laptop for hours or find it monotonous, life can be more exciting if you choose a job where travelling is possible.

The job of a surveyor, archaeologist where travelling can be states of worldwide depending upon your work and technical skills. Jobs are not limited to sit back in an air-conditioned room for hours multiplied by months and years. A surveyor who is responsible to measure land areas and also geographical mapping along with the routes and roads, inclusions of all geographics. Nah! This professional is not limited to beautiful landscapes and seasides, a job filled with adventure where you may have to spend nights after nights in tents within the forests or hills discovering new paths and routes.

Archaeologists are responsible for discovering new sites related to human activities of prehistoric times. So, in order to explore new places job related to archaeology can enable you to travel throughout the world.

Traveller by profession – Travel on vacations as a travel writer?

Though one of the most passionate as well as tough to prove yourself as a travel writer. No doubt travelling is not possible without money or any sort of professional monetary backup. Journalism is one of the best option one can choose if you have completed journalism or have impressive writing skills working under a particular organization can make your life amazing.

Traveller by profession – If you are a freelancer

Apart from it if you are a freelancer in travel journalism or architectural journalism exposures can be possible while at the beginning of the career, it may be difficult first stage is to get the exposure in your work, a perfect platform to do best as a freelancer and earn better at the same time or together.

Earning high at the start is less expected but as days pass by as a freelancer your work is appreciated and slowly you find your passion for your work and travelling has created the best kind of lifestyle for you.

Traveller by profession – Travelling, is not a cup of tea for everyone! So if you think you love to travel once again you should think twice, is it only you want a peaceful luxurious vacation or travelling can be such that everything is uncertain, you may not have a delicious meal tonight and maybe you cannot find shelter for the night. Be ready for any situation….!!!!

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