Travelling To The End Roads Of India!

Last roads of India

Last roads of India – So when we say living life at its edges, then we literally mean it!

Well, you must have travelled to numerous places in India right from exotic Andaman Islands to the beautiful Kashmir.

But how about travelling to the Last roads of India, last edged villages or town of our country which I bet; you won’t have heard most of the names.

So this time travel off beat to discover these less travelled and last places of the county mostly visited on the border of our country.

Last roads of India – Have a visit to these beautiful and less travelled places which enfold in them a sheer beauty.

Dhanushkodhi, Tamil Nadu

Known as the ghost town, this place is located at the south eastern trip of Tamil Nadu state. Sri Lanka is just 31 km away from Dhanushkodi and the place is just beautiful. Since this place is few kilometres away from Rameshwaram it is advised to have a day tour to Dhanushkodi and return by the evening. There are many beautiful beaches round this place and can witness the Rama’s Bridge. Well if you are still not convinced to visit this place, then let me tell, this is the place where the Missile Man of India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalaam grew up.


Dhordo, Rann of Kutchh

In the midst of the white sand desert of the Rann of Kutchh, there is a small village called Dhordo. It has now been a popular place with the Rann Utsav taking place every year. Apart from the Rann, there are many other beautiful site-seeing places around this place. Situated at last edge of the Indo Pak border, you will find people of Kutchh origion having some beautiful native houses and culture.


Attari, Amritsar

Everybody is very familiar of the famous Indo-Pak Wagah Border. Attari is the last village situated near the border area of India. It is the last Indian railway station on the railway route through whih Lahore, Pakistan is connected to Delhi, India. It is just 3km away from the border.


Dong, Arunachal Pradesh

Dong is a beautiful, clean and small village situated at the eastern most border of the country in Arunachal Pradesh. It is located near the point where the borders of India, China and Myanmar meet. It is located near the Lohit River which is 1240 m away from the sea level. The Dong Valley is a beautiful valley and home for great natural beauty. You will be left awestruck with the picturesque landscapes.


Mana, Uttarakhand

The place that is situated 43 km away from the border is the last civilian habitation in Uttarakhand. When you have a visit to the Badrinath Temple and the Valley of Flowers, you can add to your travel experience by visiting this beautiful place with the mighty Himalayas surrounding it. You can also find the Himalayan Café which claims to be the last café in India.


Last roads of India – These lesser known places can be a great reason to travel. It would be a thrilling experience to have by exploring the extreme corners of our country which is actually less travelled by people. You will also witness some unusual cultures at these places.

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