This Type of Training Is Key To Improve Your Fitness

To improve fitness

To improve fitness – Fitness lovers always want to optimize their endurance level because only that way you can achieve your body goals sooner.

It is all about strategy how you can boost your metabolism and get that toned and chiseled body sooner. To trim down your body in record time, you need to be patient and consistent as suggested by the top fitness trainers. Also, leading a healthy life and eating right is key to reap best benefits of your hard work.

Only you can motivate yourself towards a healthier life and here are a few tips you can put into action to improve fitness level:

To improve fitness level –

Do proper warm up:

Warm up is the quintessential part in your fitness regimen. By this, you can reduce the chances of injuries and prepare your mind and body for strength training. Your warm up session should involve whole body exercise to increase heart rate and body temperature, stretching and mobility to prepare muscles and joints and mentally preparing yourself for the hardcore training ahead.

Circuit training:

When you do your training in a special order called a circuit, that is called circuit training. Each activity ends in a ‘station’ from where you start again with different repetitions or increased set time. The circuit has to be made more demanding by increasing the counts of each workout or increasing the time period of sets for that matter.

Interval training:

This one burns calories like no other and works wonders on your body. You have to alternate between period of hard exercise and rest. take for instance, working out for a set time/distance and resting for a set time/distance. It however, can be made more intense by increasing the period of work and decreasing the resting period. The best ratio, as prescribed by the trainers is1:4 which improves speed and muscular endurance.

Here are some simple tips with which you can improve your fitness level:

You can workout through your workday:

Keep a stability ball for that matter in your office and sit on that to put strength on your core. You can also keep some dumbbells in your desk so that you can attempt some incline dumbbell press in between your work.

You can take a jump-rope challenge:

This is considered to be the best cardio which burns fat faster. To tell you, you are going to burn at least 26 calories a minute. No kidding! Start with doing some basic jump for five minutes and then jump twice as high and rope twice as fast.

Try squats:

We would recommend doing side to side squats and wood chops a lot to improve your fitness level. In this manner, you can burn 400 calories a day, that too extra.

These are the best ways To improve fitness, to notch up your fitness game. So, all the best!

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