8 Reasons Why Mumbai is Simply Not a City But a Teacher to You

Things that Mumbai teaches

Things that Mumbai teaches – There are contrasting realities in Mumbai. In one hand, it provides opportunities to the wealthy lot for spending their fortune and on the other hand, millions of have-nots pursue their livelihood.

It is the breeding ground of dreams and in the same vein, it can also shatter one.

There are many perceptions concerning Mumbai, while one set of people are completely besotted by its grandeur, the other set are tired from the toil in inundates you with. You can leave Mumbai, but Mumbai never vacates you of its memories. You open your eyes every morning to struggle and that’s how you roll in Mumbai.

As humans learn through their experiences, you are incidental to many lessons from the drudgeries in Mumbai.

Things that Mumbai teaches –

1. It makes you patient:

The great deal of traffic that you face every day has made you a more patient person than you ever were, have you realized? It piques you even more in the peak hours but you have no choice other than playing a mute spectator.

2. Dabbawalahs teach you networking skills in Mumbai:

They are not humans, they are superhumans, and their networking skills can beat social media giants like Facebook. They are infallible and cater to the vast regions of Mumbai in time. They have set an example of how food delivery chains should work.

3. The local trains don’t have caste restraints:

Unlike the whole of India, the local trains are a different world altogether. They don’t adhere to caste stratifications and reach in the Suburbs of South Bombay in minutes sans any traffic. No wonder these are called the lifeline of this city.

4. You know how to admire the familiar faces around you:

The overwhelming population in Mumbai unleashes you to a lot of familiar faces around you. You are propelled in the first place then you are seasoned with this struggle. It is sort of a self-discovering journey you may say.

5. It teaches you to appreciate the good things in life and forget the worse:

Monsoon rains and floods are common scenario every year in Mumbai. People here are conditioned to suffer and get over the disasters in a very short span of time. Hence, they grow a sporting spirit and move with a fresh perspective altogether.

6. Vada Pav teaches you to be happy over small things:

The famous quick bites like Vada Pav teaches you how being happy is simple. It quenches your hunger pangs in a jiffy after a day’s hard work.


7. The city rekindles your faith on yourself:

Take instance, how Shah Rukh Khan came from Delhi with the dreams to become an actor and rest is history. His house ‘Mannat’ in bandstand is almost a tourist destination now where his fans wait till hours on end for him to appear and wave at them. His journey in Mumbai teaches you that dreams do come true too.

8. It teaches you to live on the edge:

It gives you a lesson on how taking risks or pushing out of your comfort zone makes you a better person or helps you grow. From travelling in trains to crossing the bustling streets, you are exposed to risks in every minute and you actually end up enjoying it.

Things that Mumbai teaches – Mumbai has its flaws but surprisingly, you end up falling in love with its flaws too. You will fall, brush off, collect yourself and go in Mumbai because there is no other way around to live there.

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