5 Ways To Have Good Looking Face WITHOUT Make up


Many girls apply make up on daily basis.

Some girls also keep them handy so that if any sudden plan crop ups they can brush up a little bit and instantly look great for any party or gathering.

But its important to know that make up is not at all good for your skin but again one more question arises that how to look great with minimal to no makeup on.

Today we have rounded up some simple ways to help you to get good looking face without make up :

  1. Treating your skin well

Skincare is vital inorder to look good without any make up. There are many natural ways for treating your skin in a good way. Wash (with suitable face wash twice a day), exfoliate (to remove dead skin), moisturize and tone the skin well with toner(for natural Ph balance). Follow this skin regimen religiously for glowing skin.

  1. Make your eyebrows appealing

One like look beautiful by emphasizing natural features like eyebrows. Yes, eyebrows play and important part of our face. No need to over or under pluck your eye brows. You can shape them according to your face structure. Condition them with natural oils like olive oil, castor oil or coconut oil every day.

  1. Drinking water and eating well

It is important to take care of your skin inside out. Proper intake of both water and food is vital for ever glowing and striking skin.

  1. Pay attention to dental hygiene and also to tender and soft lips

Let your inner beauty shine too along with outer beauty. So smile wholeheartedly to look beautiful naturally. But to have a good smile one must have to take care of both lips and teeth. Lips too play an important to enhance our face. So do not forget to exfoliate and moisturize your lips and also keep a check on your teeth and good breath.

  1. Good hair

Many people just concentrate on looking good from facial features and forget the mane which is again and important feature to look good looking and attractive. Wash and moisturise them regularly as greasiness can lead to lot of hair damage.

The last but not the least. One should feel that they are beautiful and should never vie or adapt to world’s beauty standards.

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