Three Facts That Opportune To Fight Bad Karma

bad karma

The sacred book Bhagavad Gita has mentioned about the status of good karma is the result of past deeds. But being a human being it is not always possible to be perfect and attain the path of good deeds. Maybe somehow and somewhere a person may have done a mistake for which he may have to pay as a part of bad karma.

Karma is the present effect of the deeds that we have done in our past. For good activities, the fruit is always expected to be good. But what if somehow there has been a bad deed?

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Ways to fight the results of bad karma

Though it is not possible to completely fight bad Karma resisting to some extent can be possible. Realization and apology at the earliest stage will help in alerting the mind to face the upcoming hardships as the result of Karma.

But in order to keep the worst effects of Karma and fight against it, these three facts will always create opportunities to grow and stand against the tough times.

Good behaviour

It does not need a great amount of money or anything in exchange to maintain good behaviour. Irrespective of status or standard, religion and caste the behaviour of a human to a human should be with respect.

It may be the caretaker of the house, housekeeper or the driver, a trace of good behaviour towards them will always pay back you the same respect. Sometimes it works beyond the amount of money that you can pay them. Behaviour is the main key to not only fight the bad Karma of the past. But also to avoid any kind of misdeeds in future.  Receiving a helping hand during difficult moments and overcoming the hardships. It can be possible through the support of all the people around you.

Say good to oppose bad karma

There is a great difference between being honest and speaking properly to a person. Anger, lack of proper behaviour and selfishness of a person will lack the ability to speak decently. No one should receive negative vibes or feelings from the way of speaking. Being honest about explaining and instigating a person to improve should be the first priority.

Judging a person and using negative verses of words such as “You are not suitable” and nothing is possible for you to do. This can be replaced with kind words to develop their strength and confidence. So, when you are down in life their words will add spirit and energy to fight back a difficult time of bad karma.

Best thoughts

Always think good for yourself and others, share the best things that you can share. Good thoughts of the present will always improve the conditions of today and tomorrow. Sharing with needy people can be a piece of bread or your old clothes and books. It may help someone else to grow.

You think good today which increases the strength of mind and builds a good path to avoid or fight bad karma.

These are the three main things that each human being possesses but they are not aware of or do not use it. Using it will make a better place for each human being and build good karma for future.

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