Women are with dual minded consciousness, here are the benefits

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Dual minded consciousness is seen women while men lack behind in multi-tasking. For this particular reason, women are found to be working better than men. Though the quality may act as a psychological problem if, not been able to work properly. Unlike men, it is mostly the characteristic that is observed in women.

The gender differences have led to the development of the dual minded consciousness in females. It started benefitting women, once they had done more than one task at a time at the workplace and home. Women are known for their handling capacity with proper responsibility.

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Multiple roles

When you watch closely women, the realization of their roles, and the way they try to maintain them can be observed. Being a mother they look after her kids when they need food, they need to play and their sleeping time. Excellently they can manage multiple roles with her husband and parents.

Apart from the personal life, they have stepped in the working field the insecure games of mind slowly grows with confidence and their dual mindedness encourages them to handle their work field in a more effective and versatile manner.

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Good management skills

No longer one has to explain the excellence in the management skills of a woman. This is due to the dual minded consciousness that a woman works with this inbuilt skills. Cooking food according to the choices of the family members, reminding them about their important tasks which are not at all her job to take care of, but she does.

All the household requirements from the shopping for groceries to the laundry work all are done by her skills of multitasking. Similarly while working in an office a woman is found to be a more active and good presence of mind compared to a man. A woman has a natural leadership characteristic, that makes her a good employee in her work field.

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Growth of self-esteem

The growth of self-esteem in women is seen in multi-tasking minds when they can complete their work. Putting a mind into different tasks at a time acts challenging, so whenever the works are over, it develops confidence within. Women can work at home and office, stay, and do for her family as well as earn for her living. Altogether the busy lifestyle helps in growing self-esteem.

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Committed to her roles

The dual minded consciousness has motivated her to stay committed to her relationship and workplace. With the gender discrimination of men and women that indicated that men can do better at workplaces. While women cannot drive, they are better at purchasing groceries and in the kitchen. Finally pulled the women from the old boxes of thoughts and build them as multitasking compared to men.

Talking over phone or clients, and reading the document is a dual-task if you observe a woman working. They can concentrate at the same time talking to a client and reading the documents. Women can stabilize in the multiple roles of dual minded consciousness

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