What Turns A Man On? Apart From Women

Things that turn men on

Things that turn men on – This is a message to all the femi-nazis and feminists all over the world – All men do not think with their crotch!

There are some men who have gone one step ahead of the regular ‘aam janta’ and evolved into a more advanced version of the ‘Alpha Male’; a species that considers women an integral part of society but not just an object for sex or carnal pleasure.

Not only do these men respect women, they also take part in turning themselves ‘ON’ with other things that have taken their fancy. Gone are the days of men ogling at women, men ogle at other things now! Mostly inanimate! 😛

Here are five Things that turn men on – things that the ‘New Age Man’ of the 21st century loves, arguably more than women!

Things that turn men on –


  • There are very few urban men who have yet to taste the sheer power and simplicity of e-commerce! Not only is it fast, effective and cash saving (a thing most men like to do), it has transformed the way in which they have access to things they like to invest in.
  • Buying shares on the market is now possible due to e-commerce. It would be non-derogatory to say that e-commerce literally makes men go WET! After all, men also like options when they shop. Psst… they however make buying decisions quicker than women 😉



  • Ohh well! Like them or hate them! Tattoo culture in India has taken the youth of this country by storm!
  • Even you might be craving secretly to get inked don’t you? Why not? It’s your body! But, be sure to take precautions.
  • Any man riles up at the sight of a tattoo, especially if is on a sexy woman. Hey! The woman didn’t turn the woman on, the tattoo on her did! 😉

male with tattoo


  • If you have even been in conversations with a well-read man having immense knowledge of about anything and everything, you might have noticed that they are highly confident in everything they speak about, even if it is about conspicuous or controversial issues.
  • Men like to keep similar people in their ‘inner circle’ who help to cut down the monotony and boredom most ‘bro-packs’ have. After all, there is much more to life then discussing women, their bodies, beer and petrol mileage! :\

male confidence


  • You will rarely find a man who doesn’t speak his mind. If he doesn’t, maybe he isn’t man enough yet. Remember, a man isn’t judged by his libido and how many women he can bed! A man is judged upon the essence of his character and his true sense of righteousness.
  • Never lie to a man who expects the truth from you! Not only will he kick you onto to curb, he will track you and hunt you down if you harm in any way because of the lies you told him.
  • Act smart, speak the truth or get whooped! 😛


Do-It-Yourself Attitude

  • You will find that most ‘smart’ men of today like to make things right themselves. A man repairing his bike himself, sorting computer errors on his own or guiding someone on how to do something is a very key point in a man who likes to see things in order.
  • Also, men like to fix things on their own for another reason, the sheer pleasure of being engaged in an activity that fixes something. Men just love it when the appliance or object they were fixing finally works right! A totally orgasmic situation. 😀


Yes! Women of this world, change your perceptions, a new kind of ‘alpha male’ is in town that you would love to make your man. This man is far better than the piece of crap you currently data or have a crush on. This man thinks with a brain and not his crotch!

Find a man like this and get hooked!

Things that turn men on – No more boring relationships where only ‘babu’, ‘shona’ and ‘kya khaya’ and ‘kya pehna’ figure in everyday conversations! 😛

You deserve better!

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