The Newest Career Option For Freshers! E-commerce Executives! How, When, Why, Where?


With the economy showing an upward trajectory and new avenues of business opening up, there are new kinds of jobs on the anvil, which nobody had imagined just a few years ago.

All thanks to technological boom the world over that India has got hooked on to in recent years.

E-commerce segment is part of the Indian economy for more than 15 years now, but the real impact on people’s lives as well as on the country’s economy on a big level is only coming into the picture right now.

In fact the last couple of years has been massively instrumental in waking up e-commerce from the slumber it was in. The growth of online shopping giants like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon, etc. have been testimonial to the potential that this segment has to offer in terms of business activity.

What’s important to note is that these companies are not run on an auto-pilot mode, but need huge manpower for them to function seamlessly.

Obviously, some of the senior and middle-management guys are hired from existing organizations who had an experience of selling in retail, but a lot of openings are there in junior segment and that’s why a very new kind of skill set is required to deal with a new kind of an industry.

The kinds of jobs that are on the anvil are generally called e-commerce executives:

UI/UX Developers:

These developers are in great demand to create web-based applications as well we apps for smart phones that can make the end user experience extremely smooth and easy while being business friendly as well.

Interaction Designers:

These guys basically plan the complete flow of the website so that the organization can keep a track of the customer’s preferences, sales, gathering data etc.

E-commerce Merchandising Specialists:

To attract new customers, the website needs to look a certain way and the products need to be displayed in a manner that makes a potential customer visit the site. This is the job of these specialists to ensure an e-commerce site gets maximum eyeballs!

Digital Marketers:

Website is on, running smoothly, displaying great products, but what if no one knows about it? That’s where digital marketers pitch in by advertising and marketing about the e-commerce site at different platforms.

Content Writers:

Whatever you see written on the e-commerce website is written by someone and they are called content writers. They are more and more in demand since the number of active websites is on a steady rise!

These are all related to the website or applications, but there is more to e-commerce than just online activity. Offline, logistics department is in place to manage the orders to ensure timely delivery. Then there are customer care centres to handle customer queries and solve their problems. A finance department is required to handle the transactions taking place apart from a sound technical department to ensure the entire activity of uploading a website till the product gets delivered and payment collected goes on without a single hitch!

E-commerce space has definitely created a huge platform for jobs of various kinds and those who don’t even have experience can get something to do in such an organization. As per estimates, this is going to become almost a Rs. 50,000 crore industry by 2016! Go figure!

Grab your resumes and rush for these companies. They are always in need of skilled and educated manpower with their ever-expanding businesses!

Good Luck!

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