Everything You Need To Know About Polyamorous Relationships Where One Is Free To Date With Any Number Of Partners!

Polyamorous relationship

Polyamorous relationship – Polyamorous dating is not something which is not accepted in Indian society at least, in case you are thinking about this you need to know few things first.

In a polyamory relationship one has a primary partner apart from this he/she   is free to date  N number of partners maintain physical relationship  and the primary partner has no issues. In fact the primary partner is aware of everything his/her partner is doing. The people dating these also are aware of everything going on so it isn’t cheating anyone.

Even married couple can be in Polyamorous relationship they allow their spouse to move and involve romantically with others.

Polyamorous relationship

  • Being Polyamorous don’t make you a slut

People mistake and think that people in Polyamorous system only want to sleep around with different partners. No they are also, in committed relationships but they are in committed relationships more than one.

  • People who are in Polyamorous relationships love their partners like in any other relationship.

Yes just because they allow their partners to date others doesn’t mean they don’t love their partners. In fact it is argued greatly that they have more love to give and spread.

  • Boundaries do exist.

Just because a woman is polyamory doesn’t mean she hooks up and sleep around with every random guy. Usually Polyamorous people only hook up if they feel connected and only after informing about their relationship status to all parties involved.

  • No people don’t become Polyamorous just because they aren’t happy with their partners

They become Polyamorous when they love to be with different people without cheating on their primary partner. Polyamorous people also connect with groups  but its individual choice again.

  • In Polyamorous relationship there is no cheating issue or jealousy

As everything is clear and all parties involve know about everything. For example if a couple is in Polyamorous relationship guy knows where her girl friend is with whom she is and all details of hook up similarly a girl is aware of what his guy is doing. No matter how many people they date with Polyamorous couple have one primary partner and they very much love each other, share everything and end of the day live with one partner only.

Basically in Polyamorous relationship one has complete freedom and they can enjoy all their wild fantasies and then come back to original partners. But yes Indian society doesn’t accept this and finds this too hard to digest and slut shame such couples especially women. But yes nothing can stop one from exploring and there are enough Polyamorous people around who give damn to what society thinks.


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