The Oldest Foods Of The World

Oldest foods

Oldest Foods – There are many food options we are inundated with. We love to pamper our taste buds to their delectability without knowing their exact age.

There are food options which have optimum health benefits where as the other ones melt sheer heaven in our mouths. As per a study conducted by the archeologists, there are many food options among them that you don’t know were ancient.

In the bygone times yet, people knew the benefits of these food options and had them included in their diet. We will give you the names of such food options that have descended through generations:

Oldest Foods –


Wine is ancient although a significant part of our regular food options now. In the ancient Roman lifestyle, it was an essential part and people from the elite class of the society preserved the best wines in their houses like now too. Hence, wine was always a status symbol in the human civilization. It is also known that this fermented grape-fruit drink was famous among humans even before the rise of Roman empire.


This breakfast option which is usually consumed with fruits, is loved by us all. You will be served a pancake with lots of toppings ranging from chocolates, syrup and other varieties. However, the invention of Pancakes goes eons back, around 3,300 BC when someone living in Circa brainstormed this.


Bread has left its footprints in history according to the historians. According to a research conducted by Oxfordshire, England, they found small pieces of blackened bread which stayed unharmed throughout the years because it was burnt and contained pieces of Barley.


Who doesn’t love chocolate? It is a great cure for depression and  tasty AF! chocolates have a long-drawn history that many of us didn’t know. Chocolates were first produced by the ancient Olmec people in Mexico which have their ethnic roots in the Americas. During the time when scientists were tasting the interior of pots for the chemical theobromine, they found reliable indicator of Cacao.


Honey is full of many antiseptic properties and known for its severe sweetness. It has many medicinal properties too like consuming honey everyday with lukewarm water helps you lose weight. The beauty enthusiasts considers honey as a staple in their beauty regimen too. If you mix it with a facepack, you get soft and supple skin where as mixing it with hair oil gives you luscious hair in no time. In short, honey has become an indispensable part of our lives but it is an ancient food option like the aforementioned too. As per the reports of the scientists, honey existed 5,500 years ago when jars were found in the long-forgotten tomb in Georgia which were deemed to be the oldest honey in the world.

Oldest foods – There are so many things that are still beyond our knowledge. At least now we know how old actually are the foods that we love.

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