5 Best Usages Of Honey

Usages of honey

Usages Of Honey  – We all salivate over honey for the lingeringly delicious taste. It has a natural sweetener that all weight watchers can consume without a hitch in mind.

One can also add honey in the natural processed food to dodge the extra calories.

Make no mistake, honey that you consume on a daily basis expecting to have some health benefits should be pure in quality and free from synthetics. The apparently best honey brands befool the customers by heating it in high temperature and pasteurizing it which rips off the most beneficial enzymes, anti-oxidants and other nutrients that can’t bear heat.

However, if your honey is enriched with the bee-pollen then you are sorted for some really standout health benefits. Find out below:

Usages of honey

  • Consuming honey in empty stomach on a regular basis cures your digestive track and averts possibilities of ulcer.
  • There are times when we feel nauseated due to acidity or over-eating. You are then suggested to mix some honey with ginger and lemon juice and gulp it down which will cure your nausea in no time.
  • Honey is a great natural exfoliator. It renders an array of benefits to both your skin and hair. In winters, our skin tends to be flaky and itchy, the prompt cure if the same is honey. Apply honey in generous quantity all over your face and neck before going to take a bath, keep it for about 15 minutes and cleanse it with normal water. You will see the natural glow instantaneously.
  • Honey has great attributes to cure your diabetes, Probably it is the first sweetener ever that manages your blood sugar level. If you consume raw honey, it will increase the insulin and decrease hyperglycemia. Your blood sugar will be under complete control in only a matter of months.
  • People who are afflicted with insomnia can consume honey for better sleep. Add one tablespoon of honey in warm milk and drink it before going to bed.

These are some usages of honey  – There are more health benefits of honey but these 5 are the main highlights of them.

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