10 Cool Tips to Boost Your Bike’s Mileage Instantly!

Mileage is a crucial factor when it comes to motorbikes, especially when a bike is mainly used for commuting. These 10 tips will surely help in boosting your bike’s mileage.

How many of us buy motorbikes for just adventures?

In India, bikes are an easy mode of commuting.

Hence, mileage is a crucial factor when it comes to motorbikes.

Generally it is one of the key questions that bikers ask before buying a bike. On the other hand, the petrol and diesel prices are sky rocketing with every passing day. There is no way you can control it but you can always choose a bike that will help you to save more fuel and thus, enable you to save money on fuel consumption. Thus, bikes offering low mileage are quite difficult to maintain. However, if you are aware of some bike mileage tips, it can save your money.

If not then you have stumbled upon the right article!

Here are some useful tips for your motorbike mileage:

1. Never push the bike throttle much while driving the first 3 to 5km of your journey. At this point the engine is cold and requires more fuel to deliver fuel.

2. Initially in your journey make use of the choke as this tax the engine lightly. It will provide your engine with adequate lubricant for a smoother performance.

3. Avoid applying brakes and changing gears hurriedly. When you change gears irregularly it affects the performance of the engine and reduces mileage.

4. Maintaining the tyre pressure as advised by the manufacturers is always safe.

5. Alter the engine oil frequently as mentioned by the manufacturer. Depending upon what kind of engine oil you use and the way you drive you can decide on the duration in which you need to change the oil.

6. If you want to save more fuel then turn your engine off at traffic signals. Turn them on again five seconds prior to the signal turns green again.

7. Proper servicing is very important for your motorbikes. Hence, put up your bikes for regular servicing to get better mileage.

8. Fuel tanks should be regularly checked along with the fuel pipes and filters. This way any unwanted dirt can be removed and your engine performs better.

9. Another tip to save mileage is to drive your pillion in the top gear and maintain the speed within 40 to 60kms per hour. Abstain from increasing the speed beyond 70km per hour.

10. Avoid using wide tyres. These might make your bikes look cool but they also maximize drag that, in turn, reduces the mileage.

If you follow the above mentioned tips then you will definitely find an improvement in your bike’s mileage. 

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