What Are The Sole Differences Between The Hollywood and Bollywood Rom Coms

Hollywood and Bollywood

Both Hollywood and Bollywood has great as well has balderdash but there is a clear demarcation between them in terms on histrionics.

Bollywood rom-coms are high on that with more color, more vigor, more music and more life but Hollywood rom-coms teach us a deeper meaning of life, love and laughter. We would name some really heartwarming Hollywood movies in this light such as Pretty Woman, 50 First Dates, P.S I Love You, When Harry Met Sally, Letters to Juliet, Love By Chance.

If logic eludes you as to why every other alien attacks America and every other guy can be an FBI agent in the streets and all that jazz, you should walk past the sci-fi movie lists and watch the aforementioned rom-coms that reflect on life and love.

We still have this unflagging enthusiasm towards watching Bollywood rom-coms because, as a matter-of-fact they are our own but when we gasp for breath and a change we animatedly seek that in Hollywood counterparts.

Here we will do a comparative study between the Hollywood and Bollywood rom-coms to decode the matter.

Hollywood and Bollywood –

What Bollywood movies have that Hollywood doesn’t:

  • In the usual boy-meets-girl movie family plays the hero in Bollywood movies. We need the family feels because we see those who marry outside the family’s consent with total disarray.
  • At least one song in the Bollywood movie will be shot with the heroine wearing saree however woefully stubborn the producers are to make it appear more westernized by making her slip into the skimpy sartorial pieces in the other scenes.
  • Every other person on the road will join you if you start dancing on the road and guess what, they will know the steps.
  • There will be a larger than life hero in even the Bollywood romcoms too who would beat thousands down to dust singlehandedly.
  • We have the cultural diversity which draws interest of the other nations and Bollywood movie directors will have no qualms in elevating that point by marrying off Bengali girl with Punjabi guy or Tamil girl with Punjabi guy on every given occasion.

What Hollywood rom-coms have that Bollywood doesn’t:

  • It will always be a dilemmatic situation for the leading lady to choose between her lovers because dating scene is much more liberated in western countries.
  • There will be everything in the college apart from studying and every love story will start from the bedroom.
  • Fashion oh boy!
  • Unlike family playing a crucial role in Bollywood rom-coms, marriage counsellors will compensate for that in Hollywood counterparts.
  • A lot of them fuckboys
  • Oh-so-romantic proposals

Hollywood and Bollywood – Nothing has stolen our hearts more than romantic comedies as they are instant mood fresheners and both Hollywood and Bollywood Romantic Comedies are the kaleidoscope of emotions, laughter and everything that liven up the mood. Cheers to both of them!

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