Fashion 1980’s Retro Style 2018.

Styles and fashion

Styles and fashion – 1980’s fashion also known as the retro style of the 80’s has inspired Indian fashion styles to create more and provide more as people today are trying to look different and distinctive.

So few influences from the retro styles may add more spice to the fashion and style together.

Few of the styles and fashion, 2018 is inspired and has influences are discussed below.

Styles and fashion –

Chiffon Saree 1980’s

Most of the fashion’s during the 1980’s were inspired by the Bollywood movies, the heroines dressed into that was taken as the fashion.

Chiffon Sarees, plain or printed were seen in fashion, the beautiful actresses draping it wonderfully inspired Indian ladies to try sarees. Due to the comfort and lightness of the saree, the fashion is still on trend even in 2018. Highly comfortable and a fashionable retro style.

Styles and fashion

Midi Dresses.

Midi dresses, knee length dresses were in trend in the 1980’s, if you see in the Indian Hindi commercial films, midi dresses with a belted waist which was really a turning point in 80’s fashion from the knee length ghagra choli’s to the Midi dresses.

Though the Midi dresses are inspired from the 80’s still have set an impression on the fashion till 2018, with an additional implementation of the new materials or clothes and designs through the base, remains the same.

Styles and fashion

Anarkali Dresses.

During 1980 you have seen Rekha in Anarkali dress in the song “Dil cheez kya hai” one of the most fascinating dress style that has returned in 2013 with a new form inspired from the 1980’s fashion.

The long spread bottom of the dress till the feet with a long sleeve or small sleeves is one of the best choices for cultural gatherings in 2018. Anarkali dresses have been utilized in bringing up variable stylish and amazing tops or dresses taking it one more step up the fashion of that to a new time.

Styles and fashion

Shoulder Pads.

The shoulder pads were one of the most fashionable trends; it provides a prominent and broad shoulder appearance for the ladies. In movies, you could see the actresses wearing padded jackets, shirts and tops that provided them with a delineated appearance.

Even in today’s fashion, you will find the padded shoulders in bodycon dresses, jacket to provide a silhouettes looks inspiring the old 80’s trends.

Though the fashion of the 1980’s inspired a lot to bring up to the upcoming years few of the worst in the fashion of the 80 was avoided to take forward:

Styles and fashion

Loud colourful dresses and Makeups

Check the extreme use of the glossy dark lipstick on the lips by the heroines of the 1980’s as well as the high or loud makeups accompanied by the loud shades of the yellow suit and green pants.

Styles and fashion

These are Styles and fashion – The extra addition of buns, finally the bun turns to be larger than the face and you are attracted more to the hair than the face.

Different wigs on the head for variation in hairstyle, no doubt it does not at all look natural. In few cases, the looks are at its worst inspite of the outstanding dress ups….!

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