Sometimes Failure Can Taste Sweeter Than Success!

Failure tastes sweeter

Failure tastes sweeter – “What!” is the first thing come to your mind when the title caught your eyes. It is not necessary that failure would be bitter always, sometimes it is sweeter indeed.

Initially, failures are hard to digest, but with the determination to rise one can achieve success after tasting the failure, to turn them less bitter.

It has the best lessons of life, which you would never find in the pages and videos from which you seek inspiration, remember gold is the purest when it is burnt in fire.

Failure tastes sweeter –

Failure tastes sweeter

In the race of life, failures are like taking the steps backward to get the momentum and accelerate towards success. When you take the lessons from the mistakes, then failure becomes the highway to success. The great scientist Thomas A Edison said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Failure is not that bad and can be sweeter when tasted with hard work and determination to succeed.

Failure tastes sweeter

Failure & success and happiness & sorrow are nothing but the state of mind, Milton has beautifully explained the power of our mind in the following line: “The mind is its own place and in itself, can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven.” We lose only when we give up.

Here we have a list of phases through which our mind passes when we face disappointment:

  • Why me?
  • What was my fault?
  • There must be some settings done! (kuchtohlochahai!!)
  • I’m not capable of doing it.
  • My luck didn’t favor.
  • I’m a big loser.
  • But, very few thinks “better luck next time”.

These are some general ifs and buts the excuses in bold, but when you see your failure as a lesson for life and learn from your mistakes; that’s when you hit the bull’s eye and set your first step towards success. This is the moment when you are trying to sweeten your failure with new energy. Experiences teach you much more than examples. So, celebrate your failure but never forget and let the fire within you rise once again with more power to engulf the disappointments.

Failure tastes sweeter

Let the world demotivate you, but you be your own inspiration. You failed because you tried not because you are incapable. On many occasions it happens that our preparations are not up to the mark, but our expectations are high. Failures on such instances are very hard to face, and they pull you down and create the biggest obstacle. Because you deny accepting your own mistake as the expectations overpowered. Here neither you learn, nor you move ahead. In case of the battles of failures in life are half won, if you accept your mistakes honestly.

Failure tastes sweeter

We have prepared few things, which can help us to turn our failures sweeter than success:

  • Accept your mistakes and rectify it, so that there is no reoccurrence of the same. Better to learn from mistakes than giving up.
  • Don’t compare yourself with others. You cannot fit into their shoes, neither can they. Walk your journey in your unique way.
  • Failures can never be determined by your luck nor it can define your destiny. If it happens then be sure it is for your good.
  • Never ignore your weakness, confront your follies with confidence. A small crack is enough to drown a big ship. So, try to work on each folly you know about yourself before someone else uses it for their own benefit.
  • Every failed attempt takes you closer to your goal. Keep trying until you succeed.

When you engage in redefining yourself with the lessons from your mistakes and confront your follies with honesty, then you would never find a moment to brood your failure. You would be engaged in celebrating the failure, which introduced your weakness and gave you the opportunity to strengthen it.

Failure tastes sweeter

Failure tastes sweeter – While introspecting on life, you will find success is for one day, but failure is like the back foot which pushes you ahead every day. Remember mistakes are the strength which unmasks the weakness you fail to accept knowingly or unknowingly.

Being successful can be the destination, but failure is the journey which you have to take in order to reach the destination. Make your journey sweeter with your will power.

Sometime, Failure tastes sweeter !

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