Serve In The Right Glass !

Right glass – For every occasion there is a drink, likewise, for every drink, there is a glass. Since you can’t put on anything on yourself, then why to make blunders with the essence of glass?

There are certain reasons why you should mind before serving. Some of them include the aroma, bubbles, temperature, about of ice and type of drink to be served in.

Here are the types of glassware you should pay attention before selecting the crockery to serve:

Serve in a right glass –

1 – Cocktail glasses 

Many of you might relate it with the luscious silhouette Martini glasses, which too some extent are identical but aren’t clones. The basic difference lies in the length of the stemware, which in case of Martini are long. They are distinguishable when the inverted cone used to hold the drink, is compared. They are more conical in case of martini glasses maintaining their significant taste and style. Cocktails are best served in glassware with wider rim, high stems and much to given on the shape, to keep it frosty cold.

Drinks such as Manhattan, Gimlet and Martini are served in them.

Right Glass

2 – Pint glasses  

If you love beer, like bear loves honey, Pint glass is all what you need. These glassware are majorly used to serve beer. They are further bifurcated on the shapes they acquire and amount they hold, obviously their size.

Right Glass

  • Shaker Pint:

This 6-inch tall pint, commonly known as Conical Pint or sleevers glasses are shaped as named. They are preferred as an American Pint glassware.

  • Nonik Pint:

They are designed in ways that bulge out a little before the rim, to lower the rate of breakage. It was popularized during the World War-II, in the United Kingdom.

  • Dimple Mugs/Jug glasses

They are also known as ‘handle’ or Jugs due to their handles. These are often termed as the traditional glassware, which then introduced to withstand the manual washing system, later replaced by the use of machines.

  • Tulip

These are the modern, tall and flaring towards out, glassware. Brewers often mentioned their brand names at the bottom of these glasses, as a tool of promotion.

3 – Rocks glass/ Old fashioned  

It is the soul of a bistro. They are the short tumbler preferred for spirits like Whiskey (on the rocks), cocktails, one such includes the old-fashioned, later used to name this glassware. Due to their size, it permits large ice cubes, eatables enjoyed along with drinks and a sufficient room to store them all.

4 – Wine glasses  

Wine is to be tasted. You might have tried a large number of them, but if you failed to relish them, then it was all in vain. The best wine glassware are the crystal glasses. To select the perfect one for your wine you should have the knowledge about the rim, bowl, stem and the foot of the glass.

5 – Pitcher 

If you got a big stomach and a good number of pals, then the pitcher is the best option to enjoy the night with. Be it filled with beer or any carbonated drinks, the fun of togetherness is best served in it.

6 – Shots 

Majorly used for shooter drinks, spirits or mixed drinks. They are also used to adorn serving of trifles, mousse, tiramisu, etc.

Right Glass

Right glass – Besides having knowledge of the glassware you should also mind about tools such as sommelier knife, measuring jigger, shaker and cocktail strainer to make your bistro complete with all that you need.

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