Career In Cosmetology: Redefining Beauty With An Unswerving Focus

Cosmetology is the science of making people look better. We share all you need to know to make a career in cosmetology.

They say Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Well, that stands true at least in present times.

We live in times where being well-groomed, stylish and perfect face features is valued above a number of things.

Be it teenagers, or well-groomed men, a visit to the salon for a regular dose of pampering yourself, is the current trend.

The increasing trend of being well groomed has a direct impact on job opportunities for those who are interested in giving beauty a different touch.

Cosmetology is the science of making people look better (from the eyes of beholder).

The study includes things from beauty therapy to overall health care. It also increases job opportunities in various occupations like hairstylist, nail technician, beautician, masseur, skin specialist etc.

We share all you need to know to make a career in cosmetology.


The minimum age to enrol yourself for a cosmetology course is 16 years. You can register for courses as soon as you pass HSC or go for a license after you’re done with graduation in a similar stream. 

A number of institutes and colleges provide Diploma and certification courses in cosmetology. A full time training program lasts approximately for nine months and could get you an associate degree. The only thing you require to have in this field, to be a pro, is experience. So start early.

If you have an interest in any of the professions that requires a cosmetology course, as a pre-requisite, advanced courses might help you stay abreast of the latest trends. Quite a few universities and institutes offer courses on cosmetology, the duration of which depends on the course you register for. One of the major institutes being National and Regional Vocational Training Institutes for Women (Govt. Of India) present in 9 cities across India.  


The field of cosmetology does not require any prior formal qualifications. There are various diploma and other brief courses that offer specialization in a number of fields like beauty therapy, hair styling, makeup, massage, facials, tattoos, nail art, and many more.

All you need to be is creative and have a sense of personal hygiene. As you will be dealing with skin and other streams related to it, it is essential that you have a huge sense of personal hygiene. A polite, and friendly personality works everywhere, and being updated regarding different techniques and trends is a big plus.

Job prospects

With a degree or diploma in General Cosmetology, one can work in a salon or spa. Most cosmetologists are self-employed. A license/certificate in skin treatment allows you to work as an assistant in a skin clinic. The salary of a cosmetologist ranges from 7,000 INR to 70,000 INR depending on the experience and profile you have. Remuneration for medical cosmetologists begins at a higher scale.

Pros and Cons

P: good salary, more job opportunities as per the demand, aesthetics

C: initial struggle required, requires highly creative mind

While there are a number of times cosmetology is confused with dermatology and plastic surgery, cosmetology is a branch of science that requires a high amount of creativity, unlike the other two. A penchant for beauty-related challenges and altering people’s appearance for the better, is not usual.  

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