Scientists Are Saying That Coconut Oil Is Similar To Poison ! Know How

Coconut oil

By a long chalk it has been believed that coconut oil is nutritious for your health and it bears a lot of significance to your overall well-being.

In southern parts of India, coconut oil is consumed orally by using that in their food which bolsters skin and hair health from inside. Our Daadis and Naanis have always approved of coconut oil for its therapeutic qualities but scientists are begging to differ nowadays. After a recent study that has been conducted, scientists have landed the opinion that coconut is is synonymous to poison and they have urged us to steer clear of using it externally, forget consuming orally.

This revelation has sent us in cold sweat and we are in two minds whether or not we should continue using coconut oil any longer.

Few days ago, a professor and researcher from the Harvard University deemed coconut oil as poison which has created ripples over the internet and people are fearing to use it. In fact, the research team from Harvard University has laid out many logics to validate their statement which really got us thinking if we were using and consuming poison all these years?

Now coconut oil is held under the scanner after the claim of it being ‘Pure Poison’ by the Harvard professor Karin Michels who is an epidemiologist at the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health and University of Freiburg. He unboxed this secret at a conference where she delivered a speech called ‘Coconut Oil and Other Nutritional errors’ where she claimed that oil contains more saturated fat than other dairy products such as cheese or milk which don’t increase the heart disease risk as much. On the other hand, the other foods that whose saturated fat content have always been held under the scanner such as butter which contains 63 percent saturated fat and beef which contains 50 percent saturated fat, coconut oil leaves every other alternative behind with 86 percent fat content.

After Dr. Karin made this claim, there were nutritional experts who raised their eyebros but she took to german Insider to clarify her statement saying the fat content in oil increases the risk of heart diseases by generating bad cholesterol in the body which is called Low Density Lipoprotein or LDL. You may be a victim to coronary heart diseases, heart attack or likely ones in a tender age if you are consuming coconut oil on a routine basis. Dr. Karin however said that oil can be incorporated in the diet in a smaller amount so as to create a balance.

However, there are contradictions too as most international guidelines for health do not identify coconut oil as harmful but they ask the dieters to enjoy it as a saturated fat. Now we are caught in the winds of judgements from the experts but lessening the usage of coconut oil in your diet is advisable for te time being.

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