5 Ways To Indulge In A Guilt-Free One Night Stand

One Night Stand

One Night Stand – One night stands can make you feel super guilty, we know that. We are nobody to judge if it’s good or bad, but we will definitely help you feel less guilty about the act.

Here’s how to go ahead for One Night Stand…read on:

One Night Stand –

Don’t think about the future:
You’ll worry yourself sick if you equate the act with ‘future’. Think of it as something that’s going to last just one night. Make is memorable, fun and most importantly, guilt-free. If you’re above the age of consent, you shouldn’t worry about doing it with someone for the first and last time. It’s your life, after all.

Use contraceptives:
Even if it’s the ‘too-drunk-to-bother’ kind, don’t indulge in sex without contraceptive. Apart from the scare of pregnancy, it can also lead to STDs and other infections. Contraception becomes even more important when the partner is not known to you. If you don’t have a condom handy, pop an emergency pill first thing in the morning. But that won’t prevent you from infections.

Don’t give a damn if he judges you:
Men generally call such women ‘loose’ or other bad things. But that’s because they are idiots. If a guy is ready to sleep with you on the first date, he should be called names too, right? Well, anyway, don’t let such thoughts haunt you. If you want to do it, you do it. Do not give even a minute damn about the ‘judgement’ part.

Think of it as just kissing:
The best way to stop fussing over it is to think of it as just kissing. Or better still, an extension of kissing. That way, you’ll feel less worried about the act. After all, sex is one of the primal needs of human beings. So you go all out and enjoy, if you’re old enough to.

Don’t keep in touch:
The best way to let go of the deed is to not keep thinking about it. You will achieve this only when you stay ‘out’ of touch with that person. No reason to hang out with them and feel guilty about the act. This point works, trust us.

One Night Stand – Remember, nobody can/should judge you for your choices if you’re old enough to make your own decisions. But don’t compromise on protection. You owe it to yourself.

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