Women Categorise Men In These 6 Types! What Category Are You In?

Women Categorise Men

“Women Categorise Men”

Every women categorise men into different types.

Don’t tell me that men never get into doing this distinguishing factor.

Talking about woman; she really categorizes men into types like “Nice Guy”, “Bad Guy” and “Attractive Guy” etc. And to be frank; there is certainly nothing wrong about it because after all she is distinguishing based on the nature. You know what I mean? The way you act around her gives her an idea about “what kind of person you are”.

To make it more clear; I’ve listed the “types” along with how SOME woman deals with them and what she really thinks about him.

You know, it will help you understand what category you are in.

  1. “The Nice Guy”

Nice guys are way too much sweeter and frankly women never really date them. Oh yeah, girls always share their feelings with a nice guy because he is #NICE.

Apart from the whole dating situation; you know what’s good? Woman will always respect you for being nice to her and she’ll be your friend forever.

Women Categorise Men

  1. “The Bad Guy”

Every woman has a bad guy (I’ll assume so) and she hates talking to him. Bad guys’ like- A guy who will always tease and bring up stuffs which will always hurt her.

Oh and if a woman has blocked you then probably you played the “bad guy role” in her life.

Women Categorise Men

  1. “The Hot Guy”

You know a kind of guy she sees and her heart skips a beat. (Wink!)

If a woman keeps complementing you and flirting kinda stuff then dang, she finds you attractive. If she feels shy and loves talking to you then boy, you’re lucky.

Women Categorise Men

  1. “The Rich Guy”

The one who will spend money on her, obviously!

Many women tend to label a rich guy as a #FRIEND only to get what she wants. She’ll constantly tell you “Let’s go here, there and everywhere but the money has to come out of your pocket”.

Women Categorise Men

  1. “The Funny Guy”

It doesn’t mean that other guys can’t do it but you know, a funny guy is someone who ALWAYS makes her laugh.

A woman who loves funny guy spends a lot of time and she think such guys are “totally crazy and good people to hang out with”.

Oh yeah, dirty jokes are like hot topics.

Women Categorise Men

  1. Like A Man!!

Gentleman! Trust me boy, if you fall under this category then you’re lucky.

A woman always appreciates your manly behavior and oh, she will talk less with this guy. Wondering, why? Well, because a woman makes sure that they give their 100% in front of such guys.

Women Categorise Men

I hope you got an idea about how women categorise men… Do you want us to do the male version? Let us know in a comment below.

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