Don’t Be A ‘Yes’ Man, Learn To Say ‘No’ More Often

Say No

Say no – Anybody would tell you that you should have an open mind about things and take them as they come.

Being positive is one way of being happy. Well, is it? If you do things that you don’t really want to, does that make you happy? Satisfied? Content?

In fact, as important as saying yes is saying NO. Sometimes, it’s vital to stand your ground and reject something. Because only you know what you genuinely want and desire. Settling for anything else will be injustice to your own self.

While those who agree with most things are sometimes called pushovers, those who disagree with most issues can be called proud, haughty or even rude. But then again, anybody who goes against popular opinions or dares to have one of his own is looked down upon. That’s the sad truth of our society.

You shouldn’t let such trivial things come in the way of your views and wants. If you’re not comfortable doing something, you simply say no. If you think you can’t do justice to something, you say no. If you know you won’t be able to give your 100 percent to something, you should shake your head. After all, it’s better to be known as a rude fellow than someone who botches up everything. Isn’t it?

In fact, saying no is a good sign. Most employers look for such candidates who reject certain ideas or not the flexible kinds. Because they argue that when the person does say ‘yes’, he is expected to deliver hundred percent on a strict deadline and with minimum resources on hand. Even psychologists agree that those who stand their ground are most likely to put in their best when it comes to research and work. They take it upon themselves to make the best use of the opportunity and to prove to others why saying no to something was rather justified.

People with ‘yes’ personalities or those who nod their heads for everything may be loved by others as it’s a good attitude to keep. But they are mostly exploited and taken for granted. If and when they do say ‘no’ to something, all he’ll breaks loose as people can’t accept them to have any stands whatsoever. Do you want to be this person? Of course not!

We are certainly not asking you to say no for everything, but try to have an opinion on things. Try to have your own views so that you don’t come across as a pushover. You will always known by the decisions you make and the choices you take. So, be wise!

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