Reasons Why You Must Not Wear A Bra!

Reasons why you must not wear a bra

“Reasons why you must not wear a bra”

“Do I really need to wear a bra”? The answer is NO.

Many women think it is a necessity otherwise some creeps around will think that you’re sexually down to business. Right?

But wearing a bra even though it makes you feel uncomfortable is not a good thing. I mean yeah there might be a lot of benefits of wearing one but don’t be surprised because there are benefits of not wearing a bra too.

Well, wearing a bra is a complete choice but for those women who don’t want to wear it- understand that letting your boobs hang free is absolutely Okay 🙂

Don’t get confused and check out the reasons why you must not wear a bra:

  1. A complete freedom

Wondering, how? I completely understand that many women forcibly wear those tight fitting bras but you really don’t need to do that. C’mon! We fight for freedom and other things then why not take a step to free our body too. I mean just let it loose and let them breathe.

  1. Your breast shape improves

Many women think that wearing a bra will perfectly handle their boobs but in reality, wearing a bra weakens the muscles.

So not wearing a bra directly improves and the breast never loses its natural shape.

  1. “Bras” are not healthy

Yes, they are not good for your health so ditch wearing ‘em.

Well scientifically from the past it is been said that wearing a bra will support chest and reduce the back pain etc but it is not at all true. And if many were wearing bras based on this so-called finding then ladies you certainly got your answer.

  1. Boost the blood circulation

Don’t you agree that just to make our boobs look good in clothes; some of us wear tight bras. But, guess what? Wearing a tight bra will make your breasts look like in shape but the flow of blood circulation will not take place properly.

Therefore not wearing a bra will perfectly have a proper flow of blood circulation.

  1. You will feel comfortable

Comfort comes first. Isn’t it? Frankly not wearing a bra makes our body movements and our-self feel comfortable.

  1. No more rashes

It is very important for our boobs to have a natural lift. Well, understand one thing whenever you sweat; all the sweat stays trapped next to the skin and this leads to cause rashes.

Therefore if you don’t wear a bra you won’t have to face all such troubles. Great, isn’t it?

  1. You will save money

Now who doesn’t want to save money? Not spending money on the tight bras will help you save some of ‘em and that’s just PERFECT.

Once again, wearing a bra is a complete choice. But don’t forget that forcibly wearing it will not give you a good result and forget breast sagging because it needs a natural lift too. Choice is YOURS.

Any thoughts regarding the reasons why you must not wear a bra? Let us know in a comment below.

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