Second Wave Covid 19 A Threat To India

second wave Covid 19

Just overcoming the first wave from the 2020 pandemic Covid-19 once again the threat to India recalls about the worst. The second threat of Covid-19 has returned that is slowly hampering the present situation of India. Health industries are receiving the highest challenges with the outbreak of the diseases throughout the country.

Vaccination is carried out in large scale but it is not enough to control the second wave of the pandemic. The graph of the Covid-19 is increasing on fast pace and the hospitals as well as health centers are not enough for the handling the peak.

Threat to the economy

It is a great threat to the Indian economy when small scale businesses will face the loss. Lockdowns have been enforced in state of Maharashtra due to the increase in the infected and death rates. The infections of Covid -19 is spreading on the fast rate for which night curfews and micro containments zones have also been implemented.

Restaurants and hotels are slowly facing the downfall in their businesses. Night curfews are given to stop the crowds in Pubs, late-night parties. The economy has entirely hit in places where the lockdowns are fully imposed. In the second wave not only the poor will suffer but the middle class will have to face major difficulties. Monetary support was shattered at the first wave of the pandemic in 2020 while it will worsen in 2021.

 Second wave Covid 19 Health sector

Health sector is entirely shattered with the lack of availability of beds, equipments for the treatment of the patients. Hospitals will have to face major problems with the lack of staff comparing with the uncontrollable increase in disease. Quarantines are for the people who have the mild symptoms but nothing can be considerable for severe attacks.

Apart from the second wave of covid -19, it has become difficult to treat other severe diseases. Lack of oxygen, PPE Kits and medicines are slowly engulfing the medical system of India. Health sector of Mumbai is facing the major threat due to fast spreading of Covid -19. The slum areas like Dharavi, the main place of worry that is responsible to worsen the situations. Hospitals are overcrowding with patients and slowly running out of resources.

second wave Covid 19

Death rate increasing

It has become difficult to control the second wave of covid 19 which is stronger than the prior one. As on one side lockdowns will cause dampening the Indian economy on other side the deaths are hurting the Indian families. The fast pace widespread has made the treatment difficult for serious patients leading to death among all age people. The death are from small kids to old age people due to covid-19.

The struggle and terror has frightened the non essential business and small scale businessmen. Families, who have the single source of income are worried about “what if the lockdown takes place”? How will they be able to run their family without any income? Bartender or an employee of  a mall are severely stressed. Many lost their jobs in the first wave while somehow managed to survive now has to face the second wave threat in India. They are struggling to survive for a better tomorrow.

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